Nintendo's Wii U Has Spun The Gaming World In A New Direction!

Some have said they lost their way, and that the N64 was the pinnacle of their creative genius. Some said the Wii was for uncool kids*, who liked playing Pikmin and Cooking Mama...

We admit that concerning graphics, Nintendo have possibly been lagging behind in the domain of home consoles for serious gamers – especially if you compare it to the sexy-box 360 and the playboy-station 3.

The rumours that the Wii and the Wii Motion Plus were the final instalments in their home gaming systems have been squashed like an annoying fly buzzing in your ear. May we introduce the Wii U – which once again has headed off in a new direction.

Imagine using a Nintendo DS as a controller for your Wii, and there you have the Wii U. Its improved graphics and HD capabilities are just the icing on the cake, its GamePad controller has an integrated screen that can be used while gaming on the TV, but can also be used independently.

This means our lives will officially crumble around us while we sit, stand, walk, run, swim (ok maybe not swim) around the house playing all of our favorites!

This is not the only thing about the release of the Wii U that gets our knees trembling with awful childish excitement that girlfriends and wives around the world would roll their eyes and tut at.

The line up of launch games that will march behind the gaming system like an army of Koopa Troopas – is probably the strongest in Nintendo’s history - with titles such as FIFA 13, Black Ops II, Super Mario Bros U and ZombiU, to name but a fU!

As amazing as this all sounds, Nintendo always seem to be toying with us. It is almost like they are feeding us tiny bits of a massive cookie – a cookie that could cure the munchies forever. But it is being held back from us, mocking us and its cookie rivals. Subtly letting us know that they still own the gaming world, and always will – and they will not be stopping any time soon...

*We never said these things BTW.

The Nintendo Wii U will be released in Europe on November 30.


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