Kate Upton Looking Booby In A Nunkini In The Three Stooges Trailer!

Let's be honest: the new trailer for The Three Stooges looks OK, and we'll tell you all about it in due course. But do you know what doesn't look just "OK" and instead looks "AMAZING"?

Well, that would be Kate Upton in a nunkini in The Three Stooges trailer. The nunkini is perhaps our favourite ever combination of two already great things, along with cheesecake, Jägerbombs and butterscotch...

What do you mean there's no actual scotch in butterscotch? Sure thing man, we believe you, you're crazy, you're crazy but we like you. We know this video is quite old, but frankly we wouldn't be fulfilling out duty as Women Watchdogs at the Booby Bureau that is ZOO if we didn't ensure that you've seen it.

Anyway, check out the video above to see Kate Upton's redonkulous curves, as she looks biblically boobalicious in the Three Stooges trailer from the end of last year.

Now more about the film...

After three newborns Larry (Sean Hayes), Curly (Will Sasso) and Moe (Chris Diamantopoulos) are left on the doorstep of an orphanage run by nuns they immediately cause trouble.

Amazingly, the dimwitted trio make it to adulthood and hear that the orphanage is to be closed down - so they embark on a mission to save their childhood home. Unsurprisingly, their plan won’t run smoothly.

If the trailer is anything to go by, the remake of the 1940s comedy classic will be filled with the gang beating seven shades of slapstick out of eachother, while they bumble through their mission.

Co-written by Bobby Farrelly - the producer of Hall Pass and Dumb And Dumber - you're guaranteed a laugh throughout. And if you’re not laughing, you can always just look at the eye candy in the form of Sofia Vergara and Kate Upton's aforementioned nunkini.

The weather’s going to be s**t for a long time yet, so why not spend time in the cinema having a laugh? The Three Stooges in cinemas 22nd August!

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