Harley Quinn's Revenge Trailer!

Batman: Arkham City was an undisputed, rubber-suited mega-hit and a huge highlight of last year's gaming calendar. The ZOO Team's delight at the news of some proper Quinn-flavoured DLC is about as understated as her skin-tight corsets.

The re-imagined Robin - complete with an evil bastard-battering rod and expandable shield - were wasted on the arena battles, so fans are sure to relish the chance to tackle some proper missions as bird boy.

Harley Quinn's Revenge is set a few weeks after the end of Arkham City, with Quinn setting up shop in the deserted city. The storyline will hop between timelines, allowing you to play as The Dark Knight and, later, Robin.

It promises new environments, as well as a host of new goons to pummel into something akin to lumpy jam on a broken sponge cake. What's with all the graphic, dessert-based similies? Well, we're quite bloody hungry for cake, that's why. 


Quinn is looking dishevelled in the new trailer following the death of the Joker, and Batman is reportedly losing it after Talia also snuffed it in the final hours of the game.

We're expecting the DLC to culminate with Quinn confirming the fact that she's pregnant with Joker's baby and, considering the time-hopping storyline, maybe it'll skip ahead to when the baby is born!


Sadly, the boy wonder won't be able to, erm, wander around Arkham City as you could with Catwoman or Batman. Nevertheless, you'll still get around two hours of fresh arse-kickery when the DLC launches on 29 May on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

The DLC will also feature in Batman: Arkham City Game Of The Year Edition, which lands on 7 September and includes the Catwoman Pack, Nightwing Bundle Pack, Robin Bundle Pack, Challenge Map Pack and Arkham City Skins Pack, plus the new Harley Quinn’s Revenge Pack.

Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments and tell us how you think it will end!

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