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Forget 'Game Of 2010', because while the likes of Medal of Honor have made admirable leaps in taking on the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops might just be the finest first person shooter that has ever been made.

On this deployment, you’re taken through a variety of Cold War scenarios as the 'truth' behind history’s most secretive missions are revealed. And with every major modern, historical and futuristic war arena already comprehensively covered, it’s a wise move.

We won’t ruin it, but Campaign Mode starts in Cuba: find and kill communist leader Fidel Castro, instantly exposing you to this game’s scope with bullet-time car chases, jet take-offs and missile launches within the first five minutes.

But while the opening Cuban level shows off this game’s flashy side, the second maintains the trademark grittiness of previous CoD titles.

Here, you’ll lead a stealth uprising in a Russian concentration camp (yep: things get pretty dark in Black Ops) with stolen artillery, fireball sling-shots and, from the off, just a knife.

Graphically, it’s the best looking entrant in the CoD franchise, with trademark, unflinching combat that sums Black Ops up and sets it apart. Factor in the locations (including missions in Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Arctic and Laos), the improved multiplayer mode, an all-star voice cast and the unparalleled bombardment of crazy weapons and anyone’s going to have a tough time bettering it.



Anyone who know as thing about CoD (bar fisherman) will tell you it's online where your additction will truly take hold. Once you’ve conquered campaign mode, here’s what’s what you can expect:

Challenge your foes to put their money where their cockiness is and risk winning – or losing – a load of (brand new) CoD Points by getting into the top three

Our favourite Wager game. Each player is given the same random weapon, and then after 45 seconds, everyone’s given a brand new one. There’s no hiding here. Everyone’s equal

Ever wish you could show off your most skilful kills? Well, now you can record, manage, edit and upload in-game clips. Cue 7,000,000 YouTube clips within 48 hours of release!

Our pick? The eerie post-apocalyptic Nuke Town, the dense Jungle map and Havana’s bustling urban landscape. The variety means getting bored is not an option


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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Review


An attachment for assault rifles, reloadable (fuel isn’t unlimited) and has a similar range to a shotgun. They’re toast!

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