Review: Wall Street

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

This sequel may have been longer in the making than a Guns ‘N Roses album, but with the world still pinching pennies, the timing is perfect for a double dip into the world of moral-free financial kings.

Michael Douglas reprises his role as Gordon “Greed Is Good” Gekko, fresh out of prison and apparently reborn as a family-first cautionary tale.

Carey Mulligan is his only family, a journalist oddly shacked up with Shia LaBeouf’s weasely-but-well intentioned Wall Street hot-shot – and it’s these two who provide the main gripe.

This is a Wall Street movie: we want low-down bastards screwing each other out of billions of dollars, not soul-searching in suits!

Thankfully, Douglas is on scene-stealing Oscar form as panto-villain Gekko. Aided by Josh Brolin’s oily hedge fund boss (you’ll find it tough rooting for LaBeouf’s weedy whiner over his dastardly villainy), Douglas provides the laughs, the enjoyment and the reason to head to the cinema for this.


Greed is still good. And so is Michael Douglas.

Mr Nice

Legendary Welsh pot smuggler Howard Marks is granted his very own biopic.

Despite the odd lull and some shockingly amateurish scenes in which actors are clumsily pasted onto stock ’70s footage, Rhys Ifans makes a decently roguish Marks and there’s enough fast-paced action to keep you entertained.


Jackboots On Whitehall

It has been dubbed 'The British Team America', thanks to some dodgy puppets, smutty humour and an impressive rollcall of star voices.

And this mental imagining of a Nazi-invaded Britain is worth feeling patriotic over. Lose the stiff upper lip and have a good chuckle at the expense of some comedy Nazis.


This Is England ’86

Easily the most talked-about show of the autumn. You’re probably still reeling from the final episode’s brutal climax, but once you’ve calmed down, ensure you pick up this box-set.

Most directors would baulk at the prospect of adapting their award-winning masterpiece into a TV show, but Shane Meadows simply delivered four big screen-worthy episodes. An essential purchase.

Check out our interview with Thomas Turngoose from the show here.


The Losers

This watchable action romp got lost in the summer’s tidal wave of blockbusters, but stands toe-to-toe with anything The Expendables or The A-Team have to offer.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan leads a band of CIA black ops veterans fighting for justice. Chris Evans gets the laughs, Jason Patric is the campest villain in movie history and Zoe Saldana wears the smallest pair of pants you’ll see all year.


Hunt To Kill

Good old Stone Cold Steve Austin is really throwing himself into this acting lark. Granted, he won’t be bothering any awards shows, but he’s proving a very authentic Hollywood hardman.

Here he’s a border guard taken prisoner with his daughter by a gang looking to track down members of a rival mob. Vinnie Jones will start to wonder where his roles have gone.



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