DVD Review: Kick-Ass

This week, ZOO reviews the DVD release of comic book caper Kick-Ass, John Cusack comedy Hot Tub Time Machine and season 6 of Entourage...

With Scott Pilgrim dominating most people’s movie chats right now, here’s a timely reminder of exactly how to nail a comic book adaptation. It’s a fairly timeless set-up: über-geek Dave (Aaron Johnson) sets about becoming an unlikely superhero, after a stabbing inadvertently leaves him averse to pain, and 'Kick-Ass' is born.

While his girl (Lyndsy Fonseca) is worth the Blu-ray price alone, the choreographed fights are among the best we’ve ever seen. The cast is also brilliant, as Kick-Ass gets mixed up in the shady dealings of local gangster Frank (baddie-of-the-moment, Mark Strong), plus Frank’s doofus son-turned-rival-superhero Chris (Christopher 'McLovin' Mintz-Plasse) and father-daughter vigilante duo Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit Girl (the fantastic Chloë Moretz).

It’s a difficult movie to knock: there’s some razor-sharp dialogue, the violence is shockingly hardcore in places and there’s even a smattering of cameos for director Matthew Vaughn’s old Lock, Stock… mates to look out for. An essential purchase.

'The perfect comic book movie.'


Hot Tub Time Machine
Not quite in The Hangover or Superbad bracket, but this time warp comedy still racks up a very decent gag ratio. Three utterly bored blokes unearth a time-travelling hot tub that transports them back to their youthful prime at a ski resort. Best you don’t concern yourself with the plot and instead concentrate on John Cusack’s best performance for about 15 years and Craig Robinson’s emergence as new comedy royalty.


Entourage: Season 6
If you’ve kept up with the easy-going, living-the-dream comedy over the years, you’re in for a treat. After a few dodgy series (it was a bit miserable watching Vince bum around Hollywood), this sees the pals all back on form and their careers on the up. The laughs are back, too, with fewer ridiculous celebrity guest cameos freeing up space for the world’s biggest bastard Ari to do what he does best: humiliate absolutely everybody.



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