Review: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World hits the cinema while Four Lions and Cemetery Junction arrive on DVD. Check out the trailers here then scroll down for the reviews...

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Imagine finding out that the girl of your dreams dated not only a pair of twins, but an arse-kicking lesbian, action star Chris Evans, and also a laser-eyed Superman. If you were the size of Michael Cera, you’d probably start running for your life. Or head straight down the STD clinic.

Rather alarmingly, Scott Pilgrim decides to face-off against the seven evil exes. Whether Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s pasty-faced Ramona Flowers is worth the bother is up to you to decide (she was way hotter in Death Proof), but Shaun Of The Dead director Edgar Wright’s comic book homage to the hallowed video games of yesteryear certainly looks pretty cool, even if the geeky cast dowdy-down the awesome graphics and nifty camerawork.

If you liked the low-key indie feel of comedies like Juno, then you’ll enjoy the wisecracks on offer here. But only the truly nerdy will get too excited about Pilgrim’s plight.

Shouldn’t this be 'Game of the Week'? Will become every nerd’s favourite film ever.


Four Lions

One of the funniest (and smartest) things you’ll see all year. TV maverick Chris Morris identifies the last taboo – Jihad terrorism – and delivers a movie that shocks and amuses in equal measure. A band of boneheaded British Muslims plan an attack on London, with 'training' in Pakistan terror camps, Sheffield council flats and country fields. Brilliant.


Cemetery Junction

Ricky Gervais’ hit-and-miss movie career takes another slightly unspectacular turn with this ’70s Reading-set drama. He takes a backseat with a few thoroughly forgettable Brit actors leading the way as disgruntled mates attempting to 'find themselves'. Ambitiously billed as The Office-meets-Mad Men, it’s watchable, but we’d recommend waiting for Sky Movies.


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