Film Review: The Losers

This week we review action flick The Losers, [REC]2, Sex And The City 2 and the latest DVD releases - all of which can be found in this tidy trailers collection below! Nice!

The Losers
Sly’s ageing Expendables and the all-new A-Team need to watch their backs: there’s a fresh contender for this summer’s kick-ass action crew.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (a chubby Downey Jr/ Clooney hybrid) leads a group of elite US Special Forces soldiers betrayed and left for dead in the Bolivian jungle.

Assisted by the ever-hot Zoe Saldana, they seek revenge on Jason Patric’s entirely ludicrous Bond-style super-villain. Chris Evans – no, not that one – nabs the best lines (we’ll be asking girls, 'Do you like the angle of my dangle?' from now on), the action’s unrelenting and it’s nicely set up for a very welcome sequel.

Stick It On The Poster:
'The Losers are set to win this summer’s box office slugfest'

Horror sequels are usually rubbish, but here’s one that bucks the trend. This continues directly after the original, with armed police ready to investigate the infected apartment block.

We won’t spoil things, but it’s more terrifying and tense than the original and will restore your faith in subtitled movies and horror follow-ups.

Sex And The City 2
Some of you will be dragged by your girlfriends – hopefully entirely against your will – and forced to sit through over two hours of menopausal women squawking on about men, obsessing over children and wearing clothes intended for girls 20 years younger than they are.

We feel for every single one of you poor guys.



Alice In Wonderland    

Tim Burton needs to meet a few new actors. OK, Depp and Bonham Carter pull off “wild-eyed eccentric” in their sleep, but we’re bored of them always leading the way in his tales. A disappointing take on the barmy classic, but how many UK comedy stars can you spot?

One Night In Turin

For many of us, the 1990 World Cup was our introduction to the beautiful game. This detailed documentary includes unseen archive footage from Italy and looks into how our chokingly-close bid for glory, one tragic penalty shoot-out and Gazza’s tears changed English football forever.

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