TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell talks film stunts, injuries and weird obsessions!

Taryn Terrell

Hi Taryn! How tough has it been to prove yourself as a wrestler?
It has been real tough for me. I think when a female comes in from the modelling world a lot automatically think you are just a model and not a wrestler. I want to give people a good reason for getting behind me, my passion is wrestling.

What made you make the jump from modelling into wrestling?
I was always an athlete in high school and college. In college, I did powerlifting and cheerleading. Modelling was something I just fell into. I wanted to do something athletic, so in wrestling I could pretty much be an athletic model. 

What's been the secret to the success of the Knockouts Division?
Every single one of the Knockouts works their butt off! Everybody is willing to give all, so when nobody holds back it creates magic. That’s the cool thing about TNA. The girls are beautiful but we are all freakin' tough.

Will you be on the upcoming TNA UK tour in January?
Absolutely! I will do everything to be on the tour. I love the UK and the fans, not to mention the shopping over there.
The crowds are crazy intense. 

What’s your idea of having fun when you’re outside the ring?
Pretty much anything that give me an adrenalin rush. When I'm not wrestling I do a lot of stunt work for movies. I love scuba diving, I'm actually obsessed with sharks. Everytime I get into the water I go searching for them! I am actually scared of dolphins but love sharks.

Taryn TerrellYou made your film debut in The Campaign working with Will Ferrell. What was that like?
It was amazing! Both Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are just incredibly talented. They are really funny, so it was hard for me not to laugh on set. I did stunt work on a film called This Is The End. There is a scene with Danny McBride where I literally bit a hole through my tongue to try to stop myself laughing.

You also did stunt work in Now You See Me. How did that come about?
That was my very first stunt job and I had been trying desperately to get into it. I worked to get into it for about a year and a half before I even got a job in Now You See Me. We filmed the scene 43 times, It was pretty brutal. I had a tough time walking the next day. But that’s what it’s about - you put yourself in pain so actors don’t have to.

What has been your worst injury to date?
Once I broke my arm wrestling a match. My humerus bone actually snapped in half. That was the worst and it wasn’t fun! Thankfully nothing else has happened. Just bumps and bruises. All minor things so far in my stunt work.

Over the years you must have had you fair share of cheesy chat-up lines. What top tip would you give for a guy looking to impress you?
For me the most important thing is humour. If I am not laughing then I am not interested. That’s really number one for me. You have to be funny and of course take care of yourself. I like men that exude confidence but not cockiness.

Tell us an interesting fact, piece of trivia or hobby about you that fans might not know about?
I love Prawn Cocktail crisps. They are my favourite and only get them in the UK. Every time I am over here that’s one thing I need. That’s a way to get to my heart too.

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TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell talks film stunts, injuries and weird obsessions

TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell talks film stunts, injuries and weird obsessions!

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