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We found out what UFC stars really thought about rising star Conor McGregor at UFC Europe in Stockholm...
Amazing darts on a top night at the World Grand Prix. Watch the unmissable video right here...
James Wade and Robert Thornton hit two 9-darters in the same match!
England are after a new goalscoring midfielder - and they may have just found one...
Watch out, Europe: Jordan Henderson scored a brilliant goal in training!
The internet really outdid itself on Sunday following the Red Devils' fall. Here's a collection of the best moments!
And the four-time Major winner's answer will definitely surprise - and probably amuse - you...
Rory McIlroy reveals what he would be if he wasn't a golf superstar!
HTC have unleashed this silver beast to celebrate the Champions league kicking off. Unbelievable tekkers!
The Saint welcomes ZOO to his gym ahead his ring return on Saturday night and lets us in on some fight camp tales...
The Liverpool striker makes his film debut in the comedy about the 2005 Champions Final in Istanbul.
The maddest football stories from today Mourinho on Guardiola's baldness, and Messi's hometown crazy law.
Mourinho's Guardiola baldness jibe and Messi's hometown ban!
Why the self-confident Danish ex-Arsenal frontman can match Ronaldo, Messi or anyone else on the world stage...
7 reasons why Lord Nicklas Bendtner is still the world's greatest striker!

Most players get injured, but not in such odd ways as these players!
Most bizarre injuries!

Most players get injured, but not in such odd ways as these players!

Shortest manager reigns!

"I'll get my coat" - The 5 shortest managerial reigns in modern football!

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