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The Gunners have been getting their fair share of stick from fans this season, so they put fans' Tweets to the test.
Arsenal players respond to fans' abusive tweets in hilarious fashion!
There are a lot of superstitions and traditions in world football, but these ten are very unusual indeed.
Garlic, sleeve lengths & coffins - 10 weird and wonderful football traditions!
Bag yourself a half-price NOW TV subscription and ensure you don't miss one of this season's biggest games...
Everton vs Man City is going to be unmissable!
Make sure Yaya Toure and Wayne Rooney are in your teams this week, because they could score big!
Vote for your football heroes - and see the massive Liverpool vs Man City clash for just £4.99! (A £5 saving!)
Footballers may be extremely talented on the field, but stick them behind the camera and it's usually a disaster.
The 16 most cringeworthy and painful adverts starring footballers!
With their Champions League clash in a couple of days, Benzema tells us about preparing for Guardiola's men.
VIDEO: Real Madrid hotshot Karim Benzema chats about facing Bayern!
If you want to know your onions when having those pub football discussions, subscribe to The Equaliser.
The basketball megastar advertises the Panini World Cup sticker album by sounding like he knows his 'soccer'.
Kobe Bryant stars in cheesy/awesome ad for World Cup Sticker Album!
As the Fantasy Football (and real) season is coming to it's conclusion, it's time to go big or go into second place.

Most players get injured, but not in such odd ways as these players!
Most bizarre injuries!

Most players get injured, but not in such odd ways as these players!

Shortest manager reigns!

"I'll get my coat" - The 5 shortest managerial reigns in modern football!

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