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And there are some surprising - and not so surprising - results. Look away now, Man United fans...
Revealed: Where your football team's supporters are really from!
It turns out there's more to strings to his bow than we realised - The X Factor is calling you, Freddie...
England cricket legend Freddie Flintoff bowls us over with his Elvis cover!
Thought these guys were weeping into their boots with any bad press they get? Not quite...
The Saturday morning duo talk football's best and worst kits, dodgy haircuts and who they support!
Find out what happened when Lucozade met Soccer AM's Franky and Tubes!
We think the Manchester City defender's detractors may need to pipe down after seeing this...
Martin Demichelis' ludicrously brilliant training ground volley!
The ZOO horse rode on Boxing Day and put in a very creditable performance...
ZOO's horse Rhythm Star rides again and does us proud!
Stelling breaks from filming the Carlsberg Fan Squad's alternative Boxing Day message to talk 2014 highlights.
Soccer Saturday legend Jeff Stelling tells ZOO his top 5 moments of 2014!
The Romford Pele on the French frontman's options after calling time on his employment with New York Red Bulls.
Ray Parlour looks at what’s next for old pal Thierry Henry!
Follow Joshua from the gym all the way to the weigh-in for his heavyweight title fight against Dennis Bakhtov.
Go behind the scenes with big-hitting heavyweight Anthony Joshua!
It's back, and it sure didn't disappoint - here's ZOO's shiniest highlights from the Prem's kick-off!

The funniest and most memorable goal celebrations in football history!
Funniest celebrations!

The funniest and most memorable goal celebrations in football history!

Shortest manager reigns!

"I'll get my coat" - The 5 shortest managerial reigns in modern football!

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