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Our tipster has pulled out his best recommendations for the weekend's fixtures to win you big bucks!
ZOO's betting tips: Win big with our top tips, accumulator and £25 free bet!
Our Fantasy Football experts are on hand to make sure you get the most points from your team this weekend.
Fantasy Football Hot or Not: City's Yaya Toure eats Canaries for breakfast!
Michael Ladrup is the latest League Cup-reigning manager to leave his club. It's no coincidence, it's a curse!
Michael Ladrup falls victim to the League Cup curse - see the other casualties!
Their football was as legendary as their chrome domes, but can you imagine a time when they had hair?
Our man has been going over all of the facts and stats to provide you with the best weekend betting predictions.
ZOO's betting tips: Be quids in with our top tips and bumper accumulator!
To gear ourselves up for the Super Bowl, here are some of the most brutal, no-holds-barred tackles ever.
Our Fantasy Football experts are here to make sure your points-winning players are on course to win the league.
Fantasy Football Hot or Not: Arsenal’s Cazorla to grace the Palace!
There are some truly giant players in football, so we've collected the tallest in their positions for a giant XI.
Our tipster is at it again with his betting predictions. With the Merseyside derby looming, here's our tips for the top!
ZOO's Premier League betting tips: midweek football equals midweek money!
Has the midfield magician's move to Manchester made a bearing on your league, like Arsene Wenger predicted.

The funniest and most memorable goal celebrations in football history!
Funniest celebrations!

The funniest and most memorable goal celebrations in football history!

Shortest manager reigns!

"I'll get my coat" - The 5 shortest managerial reigns in modern football!

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