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As the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson is set to retire, we pulled together his craziest career highlights.
After Di Canio's sweater, Grazia fashion expert Morwenna Ferrier tells us which manager has the worst wardrobe.
Dutch ladies footballer Nicoletta den Ridder crowns herself with the honour of missing the world's easiest sitter.
For the terrifying new Evil Dead film, a psychic came to foresee our future. Instead, she foresaw our sports results.
We find out why WBO champion Nathan Cleverly is on course to follow in the footsteps of a certain Welsh legend.
Access All Areas with Welsh boxing stars Nathan Cleverly and Joe Calzaghe!
The best terrace banter of the campaign. Read, memorise - and see if you can improve on this lot next term.
You're only singing when you're winning - ZOO's 50 funniest chants of the season!
We join History’s The Banger Boys to repeatedly bash a hunk of junk around a track. The result? Pant-soiling thrills.
Bangers and crash! See what happened when ZOO went Banger Racing!
UFC’s Lightweight Champion Benson “Smooth” Henderson picks his favourite memories from the octagon.
Lightweight king Benson Henderson talks UFC's greatest moments!
Clayton Green - McLaren's Human Performance Manager - gives us the inside track on what it takes to be an F1 driver.
What does it take to be a Formula One driver? ZOO finds out....
It’s that time of year again, chaps. We need to crown this season’s top performers – and your votes make it possible!

The funniest and most memorable goal celebrations in football history!
Funniest celebrations!

The funniest and most memorable goal celebrations in football history!

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