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The greatest team to play in the Premier League - without a hair among them - it's the top bald eleven.
ZOO's gambling expert has looked at the fixtures and seen some gems to stick his money on. And you should too...
ZOO's top tips for this weekend: Gerrard to bag his century, and the return of Poyet!
Will the top players pick up where they left off after the World Cup qualifiers? And will the goal droughts continue?
Fantasy Football Preview: GW 8 - Lukaku is white hot, while RvP is to be dropped!
Drummond Money-Coutts tricks Ramsay, Giroud, Mertesacker and Szczesny with a sensational car trick.
Magician fools Arsenal's stars with an awesome Citroën magic trick!
Now teams have billions to spend, they sometimes spend well over the odds, and here are the worst cases...
What a waste of money - The 7 worst Premier League transfers of all time!
Most teams have bought some players who didn't live up to the price tag, but this team takes it to the next level.
After Andros Townsend's strike against Montenegro, we look at the list of fellow goalscoring debutants.
15 players that scored on their England debut (and how many caps they got)!
Jack Wilshere has spoken out against Belgian Adnan Januzaj playing for England, we look at adopted legends.
10 legendary international footballers that played for their adopted nations!
Adnan Januzaj or no Adnan Januzaj, here's the top 5 youngsters that are eligible for Roy's World Cup squad.
The top 5 youngsters gunning for a place in England’s World Cup 2014 squad!
The most famous athlete on planet Earth sits down with ZOO for a slightly different type of interview...
Usain Bolt Talks to ZOO! “Cars, women, games... Wow, this is my kind of mag!”

The funniest and most memorable goal celebrations in football history!
Funniest celebrations!

The funniest and most memorable goal celebrations in football history!

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