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Ex-Bayern star and Sky Sports pundit Alan McInally tells us what makes Bayern Munich so unstoppable.
The secret to Bayern Munich's success?
Counting down the Premier League footballers who were blessed with the skills, but also mad as a box of frogs!
The 10 most memorable personalities in Premier League history!
We speak to the Wales centre ahead of tonight’s crunch Six Nations clash with France...
Bring in Adebayor and Oxlade-Chamberlain, but ditch Remy and Negredo if you want success this week.
Fantasy Football Hot or Not: Adebayor can continue fine form on the road!
FIFA spokesman and England assistant coach Gary Neville talks about the challenge the FA Cup brings.
Gary Neville talks about the top four's challenge against each other in the FA Cup!
Footballers are renowned for their lavish spending, but these guys really take the ridiculously extravagant cake.
The 7 most ridiculous purchases ever made by Premier League footballers!
With the Premier League race hotting up, we look at the factors which could influence the table come 11 May.
Mata! Mind games! Palace?! 10 things that will decide the Premier League title!
After nicking a scruffy goal, this Italian player 'used his head' to smash the dugout to bits, like a true maniac.
The world's most expensive footballer Gareth Bale runs down all the requirements for the ultimate free kick.
Gareth Bale's tutorial on the technique for how to strike the perfect free-kick!
A team of Brits are heading over to Sochi for the Winter Olympics, this infographic charts who to watch out for.
Infographic: Team GB's great prospects for medals at the Winter Olympics!

Most players get injured, but not in such odd ways as these players!
Most bizarre injuries!

Most players get injured, but not in such odd ways as these players!

Shortest manager reigns!

"I'll get my coat" - The 5 shortest managerial reigns in modern football!

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