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The Beeb's World Cup pundits gaze into their crystal balls for the summer ahead and tell us what to expect...
The BBC pundits give us their predictions for the World Cup's talking points!
Bringing you the finest goals, funny moments, worst dives, fittest fans and a whole lot more from Brazil 2014.
World Cup 2014: all of the greatest goals, fit fans and funniest moments!
Pick five players from either side in any World Cup fixture in ZOO's 'one night stand of fantasy football'.
ZOO's Picklive 5 World Cup fanstasy football: play for fun or win big money!
The language experts from Rosetta Stone have picked World Cup teams based on their native language.
What if World Cup teams were picked by their language instead of nationality?
We corner a host of UFC stars to get their thoughts on the issues that matter from the fight game to current affairs.
ZOO Asks UFC about Mayweather vs T.I., the World Cup & Froch vs Groves 2!
Celebrated football trickster Sean Garnier joins a game in old man make-up, only to embarrass the entire team.
World Class football freestyler dresses as an OAP to prank a 5-a-side game!
Neymar, Cesc Fabregas, Daniel Sturridge and global football fans' pre-match rituals all brilliantly displayed.
Beats by Dre's brilliant short film showing the pre-match rituals of top players!
The UK's favourite spicy cheesy give us a rundown of when things got really 'fiery' at the World Cup.
The legendary Dutch keeper convinces Ronaldo De Boer and Ajax players of the new stereotype Dutch shirts.
When the beautiful game turns ugly. Here are 13 of the nastiest foulers to have graced the World Cup.
13 of the biggest fouling, cheating bad boys in the World Cup history!

Most players get injured, but not in such odd ways as these players!
Most bizarre injuries!

Most players get injured, but not in such odd ways as these players!

Shortest manager reigns!

"I'll get my coat" - The 5 shortest managerial reigns in modern football!

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