ZOO Steps Into The Ring With Carl Froch Ahead Of His World Title Defence!

Carl Froch

Hi, Carl. Your next opponent, Yusaf Mack, is a bit of an unknown quantity. Does that make him even more dangerous?
He poses a big threat because he’s going to turn up and fight out of his skin to try and take my title away from me. It’s an opportunity for him to become World Champion against one of the best super-middleweights in the world and if he can do that, he’ll become a star and earn a fortune. So he’ll be a tough opponent.

Having been the underdog so many times, are you comfortable being the favourite for this fight?
I don’t look into it too much. I revel in being booed into the arena and landing my shots to deathly silence as the underdog, but I also thrive on the pressure of people expecting me to win and do the business as the favourite. As long as I do my training, don’t cut any corners and make the weight then, come fight night, the fight’s already won.

Your promoter, Eddie Hearn, prematurely leapt into the ring to celebrate your win over Lucian Bute. Any plans in place to stop him this time round?
Ha ha! We’ll have shackles on him this time, so when the referee’s about to end the fight, he’ll be chained to his seat! Don’t worry, I’ve given Eddie loads of stick about that. He lost the plot that night, and rightly so, but he won’t be doing that again – believe me!

Froch vs ZOO

With the fight being shown in 3D, will you be spending more time on grooming before entering the ring?
Yeah, the Sky Sports 3D cameras will probably cut to the dressing room before the main event, so they can get in-focus shadow boxing shots, but all they’ll get is my missus, Rachael Cordingley, powdering my nose instead! 

3D boxing sounds amazing! Will it make your punches look even more devastating than normal?
It should do! When you’ve got the 3D glasses on, it makes it feel like you could be stood in the ring with the referee. When I start putting my shots together and landing with some big, heavy digs, the viewers will be ducking and diving as if they’re getting hit themselves.

You’ve said you’ve only got a few fights left. Have you got any retirement plans yet?
I know I’ve only got a few left, but they will all be massive fights, as I want to avenge my defeats against Mikkel Kessler and Andre Ward and really solidify my legacy. Right now, I’m still very much a boxer, so that’s all that matters. We’ll see where my career takes me, but I wouldn’t mind going after Jason Statham’s job –  because I’d like to think I have the same rugged good looks!

Froch vs Bute

Before that, you have to go to Canada for a rematch with Lucian Bute. you stopped him in five rounds in May, so how will he cope with you this time? 
He’ll need to have a very tough mental demeanour to look me in the eye and convince himself he can actually do something about what happened in the last fight, because it was such a one-sided demolition job. I don’t know how he could look at that fight and take any positives from it, though. Only he can tackle those demons

Is it true the Mack fight could be your last in Nottingham? 
It’s still my dream to fight at Nottingham Forest’s stadium, but the Bute rematch will be in Canada and if the Andre Ward rematch happens, that would have to be somewhere like Las Vegas. It would be unbelievable to do the Mikkel Kessler fight in front of 35,000 fans at the City Ground, but that could also happen in Denmark. So, yes, this could well end up being my last fight in Nottingham, I’m afraid. 

Your pal, David Haye, is on I’m A Celebrity this year. Is that something you could ever see yourself doing? 
I don’t fancy I’m A Celebrity  because I don’t want to be eating kangaroo bollocks or sucking on some crocodile’s anus in front of millions of people. I’m more of a Strictly Come Dancing man myself, as you can go on that and still keep your dignity! 

Carl Froch vs Yusaf Mack, Saturday17 November, 8pm on Sky Sports HD1 and Sky 3D

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