Olympic Long Jump Gold Medal Winner Greg Rutherford Speaks To ZOO!

Hi, Greg. First question: have you ever been naked wearing just your gold medal?
Ha ha! I haven’t had a chance yet, but that’s on my to-do list. I’ll have to get back into shape first, otherwise the girl’s going to be saying, “How the hell did you win that?” I’m allowed to eat and drink what I want now, so I’ve quickly lost the body of an Olympian!

What’s been the craziest night since London 2012?
A few of us were invited to a party at a posh house. Jimmy Carr told me and Louis Smith that we should go downstairs, as some people were playing table tennis – and there was Sacha Baron Cohen playing against Damian Lewis. I thought, “Are you kidding me?” Then Damian Lewis made everyone give the Olympians a round of applause. It’s just weird that these sorts of people even know who I am!

So you’ve been tearing it up, then?
Not really, sadly. I’ve only just finished competing and since then I’ve had lotsof media commitments. I’m waiting for two clear days when I don’t have anything on, so I can destroy myself and then have a full two days to recover! It’s been so long since I was properly drunk that it will probably take two years…

Greg Rutherford OlympicsIs that a problem for most Olympians?
The night I won my Gold medal, I was wandering around the Olympic Village at about 5am, completely sober; I’d just won the Olympics and didn’t know what to do with myself. There were athletes crawling, stumbling, puking… They’d all got totally smashed after not drinking for God knows how long. It was like a teenage house party!

How bad was it?
The worst was one of the coaches. He must have been about 70 and he was being propped up by two other blokes. I’ve never seen a man physically dragged back to his room before!

Have you had many weird media requests since winning gold?
I was invited to be a judge at the World Mud Wrestling Championships. I’m not sure what the long jump connection to it was, but I didn’t say no – my agent did!

Was that female mud wrestling?
My agent never told me. If it had been, they might have got a more positive response!

Greg RutherfordDo your long jump skills come in useful in day-to-day life?
It can be handy when it’s raining and there’s a dirty great puddle in my way. I was on holiday once and the tide had come in and cut off a three-metre section of the beach. I jumped over it, no problem, but then my mate thought he’d give it a go, too. And, yes, he got wet. Some of my mates aren’t the brightest in the world…

Have you started getting fan mail?
Yeah. But people take time to get these nice photos printed and send a message politely asking me to sign them – and the photo is of another ginger Olympian. It’s discrimination against ginger people!

Do you get stick for the old carrot top?
If you’re a ginger, you’ve got to expect it. I get the odd abusive tweet – “you ginger pr*ck” and all that – but some of them can be quite funny. “You’re just a poor man’s Ron Weasley” really made me laugh. Brilliant!

Have you seen a difference in female attention since the Olympics?
I seem to attract the attention of teenage girls, which is a shame. It’s a bit like being a really crap celebrity. They proclaim their love for you on Twitter, but it’s no good to me!

We always thought that when you get famous, the women come running?
Really? Clearly I haven’t been putting myself in the right scenarios. Maybe I’ll see a difference once I start going out properly. The biggest problem is that people see me on TV and still think I’m Ed Sheeran! Apparently he does very well with the ladies… I may need to start hanging out with him, then. We’d be like twins reunited…

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