Legendary Dance DJ Judge Jules Talks To ZOO About His Team: Arsenal!

Why Arsenal? 
I was born in Crouch End, North London, which is about two miles from Highbury. Fortunately it was an easy choice. I feel sorry for people born close to really bad teams – they’re faced with a bit more of a moral dilemma!  

Highbury or Emirates? 
Emirates. I’m a big believer in user- friendliness, and while Highbury was an iconic building, it was old and smelly. Emirates is nearly double the capacity and, in my opinion, the atmosphere is better. It’s more acoustically appropriate for a football stadium. I suppose that’s a DJ’s point of view! 

Where do you sit? 
I’ve moved about quite a bit over the past 15 years, but I’m now in the loudest area I’ve ever sat in – very near to where the TV cameras are. It’s a nice spot, but I’ve had to pay for my pain. And it has been very painful at times over the past few seasons! 

Funniest memory? 
I’ve DJed at a few end-of-season parties and, while they’re a good crop of players, they’re certainly not the grooviest bunch in the world. Let’s just say there aren’t any shapes cut on the dancefloor, but I have some great photos! 

Best awayday? 
I’d have to say the Millennium Stadium. There was a period during the early noughties when I pre-emptively tried to organise gigs in the Cardiff area hoping we’d get to a Cup Final there! It just so happened it always worked! That’s what you get for having faith in your team. 

Favourite player? 
Patrick Vieira. Big and graceful are two adjectives that don’t generally apply to the same player, but he was definitely both. 

Sh*ttest player? 
Perry Groves wasn’t great and never more than a super sub. However, he’s gone on to be a successful author and blogger, so it’s nice to see he’s eventually found his niche! 

Best thing about being an Arsenal fan? 
Neutrals tend not to like Wenger but apart from Spurs, Manchester United and Chelsea, they tend to like Arsenal, which is good. Unlike having to buy a season ticket each year – they’re the most expensive in Britain. 

Fondest memory as a gooner?
Winning the first of two doubles under Arsene Wenger in 1998. Bar the Champions League, that’s the holy grail of club football and we rarely see it happen now. I don’t think I’d be as happy if England won the World Cup – the feeling was that good!

Player you’d happily swap your missus for?  
Man Utd’s Wayne Rooney!

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