Usain Bolt Talks Us Through How He Wins A 100m Race In Record Time!

Usain Bolt is the MAN!

At ZOO, we love Usain. After all, who else can make us smile as much as he does in under ten seconds? There’s probably a sex joke in there somewhere…

4 billion people worldwide watched Bolt with mouths agape on 5 August as he not only smashed the Games' 100m record, but also retained his Olympic title to take home the gold for Jamaica. We can’t finish anything in 9.63 seconds, never mind run 100m and smile the entire way!

And now, thanks to French director Gael Leiblang, there is a way to see the fastest man on earth smiling on our screen forever more. Filmed over a 12-month period, Usain Bolt: The Movie is an hour-long documentary, which includes 30 minutes of unseen and unprecedented footage and in-depth interviews with the Jamaican hero.

From his bizarre pre-race eating rituals to his post-victory celebrations, the documentary expertly exposes what happened on the evening of the 100m final at London’s Olympic Park in a never-been-seen-before way.

The documentary, available now, gives an insight into the three-time Olympic record holder’s life away from the track, including how Mr Charismatic prepares for his races and how he dealt with his false start at the Daegu World Championships last year.

And did you know that Bolt is a DJ too? No? Well the DVD even features him playing to fans in Italy. Such a lad!

Words: Joe Struggles

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