Olympic Boxer Anthony Ogogo Goes Toe-To-Toe With ZOO's GB Bloke Test!

Have you ever written off a vehicle or been in a crash?

I nearly sent a motorcyclist flying once but it was his fault, I promise! He thought he was Valentino Rossi and tried to cut in front of me, but ended up more like Eddie The Eagle! [1 point]

Have you ever killed your own food?
I decapitated a chicken in Nigeria. A brother’s gotta eat! [1 point]

Ever pooed in the wild?
No way, I’m too modest. [0 points]

Can you grow a full beard?
I tried to grow a ’tache for Movember, but it was a feeble attempt that made me look like Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Not cool. [0.5 points]

What’s your nickname and why?
I once had a dodgy haircut that gave me a massive forehead, so I was nicknamed “The Guv’nor” as I looked like Paul Ince! [1 point]

What’s the daftest thing you’ve done?
Before Euro 2004, I celebrated in a bar in Istanbul when England beat Turkey – on my own. It’s fair to say the locals were not very happy with me… [1 point]

How many tattoos do you have?
I have five. An angel on my ribs, a symbol on my abs, my middle name on my lower back, an inscription on the underside of my forearm… oh, and I have one on my arse! [1 point]

What’s the best celebrity number you have in your phone?
Three-time world boxing champion – and current IBF World Super-Middleweight Champion – Carl Froch. [1 point]

The chicken-beheading Guv’nor has clearly proven himself to be a top bloke, and we’re sure he’ll grab a Gold medal in the ring this summer!
6.5 points out of 8!

POINTS SYSTEM: 0-2 = Disqualified 3-5 = Bronze 6-7 = Silver 8 = Gold

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