Freddie Flintoff vs ZOO!

Hello, Mr Flintoff! Do we call you Fred or Andrew?

Fred’s fine. Although I get called Freddie a lot less since I stopped playing. I guess it was a dressing room thing. Now
I drop the kids off at school and the other parents call me Andrew, which still feels weird. Sometimes, I don’t respond!

This new show of yours sounds a bit different. You’ve gone wild?
I did a show for Discovery last year where I got dropped off in the wilds of Botswana with a camera. I was on my own and had to fend for myself. I had lions round my tent, elephants 20 feet away… it was amazing. This time, I’ve been to Borneo, Australia, Tanzinia and Canada and had a local native to the area showing me around.

You killed some stuff too, didn’t you?
Yeah, I shot my first animal, a wild boar. I felt a bit guilty about that, actually. There was a crocodile I helped to kill, too. I held it down and wrestled it – there are plenty of things that go through your head when you’re doing that! The good thing about it was that everything we killed, we ate. Some of it was pretty weird, though. The boar’s intestines were rank – there were live worms in there – and the eyeball was pretty rough.

Sounds like I’m A Celebrity…
It’s nothing like that show, believe me! I was eating like that because that’s what the people I was with were eating – not so I could get a treat!

So we’re not going to see you in the ITV jungle any time soon?
I think you can read between the lines on that one!

Was Australia a bit different to the last time you were there?
I definitely prefer the Australia I saw this time. The last time I was there, I was the captain when we lost 5-0 in The Ashes. Give me intestines any day!

Were there any similarities between this and a cricket tour?
Not too many. Although I have toured with a few animals in my time! I used to share a room with Steve Harmison, and the orangutans in Borneo had nothing on him – they are probably tidier!

How’s life with Morrisons? Any big benefits?
Nah, I still pay when I go in. My mum shops in the big one in Preston, but we’ve still got to buy our shopping. I don’t think they could afford to feed me!

Is it just us, or are you getting funnier on A League of their Own?
Yeah, me and Jamie Redknapp are getting a little more confident. And Jack Whitehall coming on the show has been brilliant. Me and him are polar opposites – he’s very posh, isn’t he? There was one show where he stripped off and went in the shower. With that body, he shouldn’t be taking his clothes off on national TV!

How tricky is it keeping up with the comedians?

Sometimes, I forget I’m on the show and it feels like I’m just having a laugh at the TV. Then I realise I haven’t said anything for half an hour. I get a voice in my head, like, “Say something funny – quick!” and think of things to say that would be totally inappropriate. I have to bite my tongue and calm down!

Football vs cricket is a big bit of the banter. What is the main difference between the two?
Probably a few zeroes on the end of the pay cheque! One of the things that keeps coming out is that a lot of them don’t like cricket, so I take a bit of stick. But you’re never struggling for material on footballers, are you?

You must have big nights out, too. James Corden said you once punched a mate of his in the face…
Oh yeah, that was Gabe. He’s a good mate of mine now.

Even after you punched him in the face?
Well, it was a playful one. It might have hurt a little bit, but I was messing about with my brother. Gabe got involved and ended up wearing one!

Finally, you broke loads of world records for Sport Relief. Any more you want to take on?
Nope, I got the two I was after – longest distance to throw a bullseye and the fastest 100 metres on a pedalo. I’m happy with that.

We’ve got the record for taking a bra on and off the most times in a minute…
Do you want me to sound surprised at that? Ha ha!

Freddie Goes Wild is on Discovery Channel on Thursdays at 9pm

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