Steve Austin vs ZOO!

You star in action thriller Recoil. What attracted you to this film?
Well, when I read the script I was instantly attracted to it. My character is a police officer whose family is murdered, so I take the law into my own hands. I go after the men that committed the crime to carry out what I consider to be fair justice. That kind of goes very well with my own personal beliefs of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I figured if you’re going to carry out a crime then you should get exactly what is coming to you.

What challenges did Recoil present for you?
Well, I think, as an actor I always want to just get better at creating more memorable characters. The more stuff I do it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. Although, I don’t think I'm exactly where I want to be yet. The most memorable character I have ever created is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and I need to make my movie characters stand out as much as that guy did.

How much of a thrill was it for you to feature alongside cult icon Danny Trejo?
It was fun working with Danny. He’s perfect for the part and one of the scariest looking guys I’ve met in my life. But he’s also one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. The guy has had one hell of a run. It was a pleasure and an honour to work with him on this movie.

How has working with Sylvester Stallone and Steven Seagal helped you develop as an actor?
It’s interesting when you talk about Stallone, because he is one of my favourite guys of all time. Just about everything he has done has been successful. To watch him behind the scenes as a director really impressed me a lot. He is much more than just an action guy. He’s a very smart cat behind the camera and I like the way he directs. There is no ‘if or buts’ in his vision or when he communicates that with you. As far as Seagal goes, I just wrapped up a movie with him about three months ago. That was an interesting experience. Let’s just say it was a unique experience.

In wrestling you have a legendary status. How has the movie world accepted you as an actor?
You know, that character I created always follows me around and it’s hard to break that mould. I just know that I’ve been able to do the movies I have done based on my past. What I bring to the screen is a physicality and presence. I don’t care who accepts me or who doesn’t. I just want to be the best that I can be and continue to be busy. It’s a dog eat dog world anywhere in life, and out here in show business as well.

What are your feelings on what you have accomplished so far as an actor?
I want to continue to elevate myself and be better at what I do. Although, I now have a few movies under my belt I think I am still relatively young in this business. I think I am now at a point where I want to be picky on what I do and the roles I pick. I want each movie to be a damn good movie on the page, so we can make a damn good movie on screen. If you start with chicken s**t, then you’ll finish with chicken s**t.

How does your schedule compare to when you were wrestling?
I like to keep busy, I want to be productive. It’s nothing like being on the road 24/7 for 365 days of the year. That is what I was used to because that was what I lived and died for. Now that I am away from that life I don’t even like to travel that much anymore. As long as I can get my ranch stuff in such as my hunting and get a few days to look for some antiques. I am my own boss and I get to pick what I do.


You are becoming more and more established as an action star. What genre would you like to try next?
I would love to do some form of comedy; it’s actually a big part of my life. I made a living for a number of years playing a tough guy, but in my personal life I am actually a wannabe stand-up comedian. If I were to continue down the road of action then I would like to make it more hardcore on the action, more physical and aggressive fighting.

You did a video miming and dancing to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna You Up". Will we see more soon?
I don’t know about that. On my Twitter account and web site I keep people up-to-date on what I am doing. That’s who I am as a person. A lot of people just think I am “Stone Cold” Steve Austin: always mad, always serious, drinking, cussing people and flipping people off. That’s just a small piece of who I am. The comedy is a bigger part of who I am.

What would it take to bring you back to wrestling?
A lot of zeros… you know, if the right situation, the right opponent and the right circumstances came up for the WWE, then it would certainly be something worth considering. Could I have another match or two? Yeah. Physically I am in really good shape right now. People seem to think I am half-dead!

In my movies, I do some pretty hellacious fight scenes that, maybe, a normal person couldn’t do. So my physicality is fine, my neck is fine after having it all fused-up. I am not pitching for another match but if it was a win-win situation for everybody, then absolutely, I would consider it.

RECOIL is out now on DVD, courtesy of Entertainment One.

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