Chelsea Managers: The Statistical Truth!

Ah, Chelsea. With Roman Abramovich running through managers like there's no tomorrow, he will soon be at risk of running out of gaffers to choose from altogether!

Abramovich has shown a penchant for good looking managers with roguish stubble - so we're beginning to think anyone could wangle their way in with a bit of clever work with the shaver and by virtue of simply being the last man standing.

The boffins at Ladbrokes Bingo have applied themselves to this question in order to give you the inside scoop on what to expect when you chuck in the day job and fill your boots with Russian dosh.

So check out their amazing infographic and see how long you're likely to have in the hot seat compared to the last 27 managers since 1901, your chances of winning a cup in the pre and current Abramovich eras, and how much you are likely to pocket - whether you're successful or not.

Chelsea, managers, stats, infographic

If you'd like to embed this infographic on your own site, grab the text below and get sharing!

Infographic by Ladbrokes Bingo via ZOO

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