Wembley Honours Sir Geoff Hurst!

A personalised stone on has been laid on Wembley Way to honour England’s World Cup Final hat-trick hero Sir Geoff Hurst... and you could have one too!

Speaking at the unveiling of his Wembley stone, Sir Geoff Hurst said, “I'm delighted to be honoured alongside my 1966 team-mates, and be one of the first to lay a personalised stone on Wembley Way.

"The stone marks one of the greatest days of my life, and I encourage fans to remember their own special moments at the iconic stadium to mark a sporting or music occasion that has a place in their hearts.”


For the first time ever, Wembley Stadium is giving fans the opportunity to be a permanent part of the venue’s history by laying a personalised stone on Wembley Way.

 The stones can be inscribed with fans’ special messages, dedications, or memories, and will be set in the ground on the stadium’s outside concourse, alongside special panels celebrating a legendary Wembley event.

Of course, ZOO will be purchasing a personalised stone to commemorate our own days playing on the halllowed turf. Probably for the time when one of our sports writers was carried off and had to have stitches after getting kicked in the head. Ouch.


To get your own slab of Wembley history, simply visit the Wembley Way website.

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