ZOO's Craziest Football Commentary!

Neymar - Santos vs Flamengo


We think the 'goooooooal' could have been a little bit longer, but it is definitely 'sensational!' True they are the only two words we can understand, but they are the two funniest words. Notice at the end the world's first Scottish sounding Brazlian commentator!

John Arne Riise - Celtic vs Liverpool


We don't know if when Riise scores this thunderous free kick the commentator stubbed his toe or banged his head, but after he quickly recovered, he informs us that the Norweigen had released a 'Kraken' which we're informed is a mythical sea monster from Norway.

Chris Iwelumo - Scotland vs Norway


What ZOO loves about this clip is that the commentator actually believes the ball went in the net and starts celebrating, cue disbelief as Iwelumo manages to miss from two yards. Listen out for a synchronised 'oh no' as they finally realise there is no goal!

Dennis Bergkamp - Holland vs Argentina


We have a slight incling this guy likes Dennis Bergkamp just a bit, we wouldn't have wanted to be in the commentary box with him though, he sounds so excited he might hurt himself.

Thierry Henry - Arsenal vs Liverpool


After the generic 'gooooooooooal' from the Spanish commentator, he decides to go into his own rendition of 'That's Amore' replacing the Amore cleverly with Thierry Henry, pure genius!

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