Umbro Neo Pro DPS Glove Review

In order for Umbro to produce a top of the range glove, they sought out the advice of none other than England’s No.1 Joe Hart. From that advice, Umbro produced the Neo Pro DPS. 

Apart from looking good, the gloves come with a number of nice features - one being the DPS finger protection.  Now, if ZOO are honest, we’ve never really liked the idea of spines in gloves to protect your fingers as they can be restrictive. So, when we saw that the Neo Pro’s had a ‘Digit Protection System’ we was sceptical to say the least.

The spines are slightly restrictive, we’re not going to say they’re not. But, not as much as a number of the other gloves we have tried out, in fact, the spines in the Neo Pro’s proved very beneficial in handling crosses as well as providing a stronger hand to tip away point blank shots.

The palm has a 4mm thick latex grip which performs well in all conditions – which you’d expect for a top of the range glove. An added bonus we like on the glove is the wrap around wristband which helps provide a tight but comfortable fit.

These semi-rollfinger gloves certainly don’t disappoint. 

Would we say we’re converts to finger-safe gloves? The jury’s out on that, but we’ll certainly be keeping a pair of Neo Pro’s in our glove bag next season.

Key Features:

Palm: 4mm all weather latex foam.

Cut: Unique Semi Roll finger design with a negative cut thumb.

Glove backhand/Body: Neoprene with latex knuckle area and latex at the bottom half of the backhand.

Wrist: New wrist support design, neoprene closure system which offers the goalkeeper a far greater support and fit.

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