Didier Drogba vs ZOO

How’s the season going, Didier?

It has been a strange start to the season for me. I’ve scored goals and made some assists, but I’m still not 100 per cent yet. I had surgery before the World Cup and missed pre-season, so it’s been difficult to catch up. I hope that in a couple of weeks, I’ll be better.

Are you feeling any pressure to deliver?
I think for me to score goals is not always the most important thing. But there is extra pressure when we play in the big games against the big teams.

Especially as defending Champions…
Yeah, we love it. It’s what makes the season so interesting. We had this pressure in 2005-06 after we won our first title, but still retained the trophy. There will always be pressure on the holders – Man United had it when they won it three times in a row. We have to deal with it.

Was it disappointing to lose your 100 per cent record at Manchester City?
You can’t win all the games. You want to, but you can’t. Teams like Man City are improving. They’ve spent a lot of money and can now compete with the big teams. It’s better that kind of defeat happens in September and not with two or three games to go. I don’t mind losing to Man City if we win the title at the end of the season!

Doesn’t it give other teams hope that Chelsea can be stopped, though?
No, because we knew that, one day, we would lose a game. If we win another six games in a row, it’s not really a problem. The important thing is to learn from these defeats. We can beat anybody but we can also lose to anybody because that’s the way football goes.

Are Arsenal out of the title race, after you beat them at Stamford Bridge?
No. There’s still such a long way to go. Remember last year? Arsenal were 10 points behind us and they came back and were still fighting for the title with three games to go.

Meanwhile, you’re back from Champions League suspension against Spartak Moscow…
Yeah, it’s good to know that I’m going to be part of the team when we play in Moscow. It will be nice to come back. We want to qualify for the next round as quickly as possible and we know it’s important for the draw to finish top of the group.

Champions League or Premier League – is there a priority?
They’re equally important. When you play for teams like Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal, you want to put yourself under pressure. You want to perform well in every competition.

So is doing the Treble the aim?

Yes, of course. We won the Premier League last year, but we want to win it again. We can do better. This team can improve and to win the Champions League would also signal a big step forward.

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