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'The first thing I noticed was the weather’s still cold compared to Scotland. There’s wind, rain, sleet and snow here in Blackpool – and that’s just in one day!'


'I’ve been at Blackpool for a while, but I’ve still not had a stick of rock – I’m more of a haggis guy! It’s been years since I ate a stick of rock so if I had to choose between that and a haggis, there would be no competition. I really love being by the seaside but I’ve always liked Scottish food.'


'Since joining from Rangers, I’ve noticed a big difference in the fans. Both grounds have great atmospheres but at Ibrox, you’re expected to win every week whereas at Blackpool, expectations are different. Here, we try and win every game, even the ones that we’re not expected to win and I think the supporters like our attacking approach.'


'I like taking free-kicks and would say my technique is quite similar to David Beckham’s. Although I scored 19 goals in total last season, I’d be just as happy grabbing a goal from two yards as I would scoring a 30-yard scorcher in the Premier League. I’ve got myself in my own fantasy football team, so I know the more I score, the more chance I will have of winning my league. Don’t know if I’m worth £5m, though!'


'Well, there’s only one Ian Holloway! The manager is the same person you see in front of the cameras as he is away from them. He’s a bubbly character and an absolutely fantastic boss to work for.'


'I never thought I’d be in a computer game when I was a youth player at Rangers, so to see myself in computer games is pretty amazing. I love playing with my fiancée’s little brother, but never get the chance to play as myself because he always chooses Blackpool. The funny thing is, he always seems to be either subbing me or getting me sent off!'


'Well, we’re not gunning for European qualification! Our aim is to stay in the Premier League. We might have started OK, but there is still a long way to go and plenty of football to be played.'

Charlie Adam is in FIFA 11, out now on all formats. Check out our review of FIFA 11 here!

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