The Season's 49 Best Chants


'We’re just a town full of bigots!'
Rochdale fans in the wake of Gordon Brown’s visit to the town

'We’re going to Liverpool, We’re going to Liverpool, you’re going to Hartlepool, you’re going to Hartlepool…'
Play-off bound Blackpool fans to already-relegated Peterborough

'You only live round the corner'
Fulham to Manchester United

'There’s only 10 of you singing!'
Burnley fans to Fulham

'Where’d you learn to count to 10?'
The Cottagers respond
'No noise from the Norwich fans!'
Chelsea fans to green & gold-clad Manchester United supporters

'We’ve got a bigger pier than you'
Southend’s seaside battle with Brighton

'We’re gonna win 8-7!'
Villa’s never-say-die attitude after Chelsea notch their 7th goal

'Pay up Pompey, Pompey, pay up'
Spurs fans taunt hard-up Portsmouth


'Fergie, sign him up, Fergie, Fergie, sign him up!'
Man City fans get ironic about Carlos Tevez

'Fergie, Fergie, what’s the time?'
Stoke fans tease United’s gaffer during injury time

'Is there a fire drill?'
Arsenal mock the Everton support as it deserts Goodison Park early

'You’re just a shit Chris Kamara'
Preston taunt Soccer Saturday stand-in Don Goodman

'You’re just a shit Maradona'
Crystal Palace aren’t too impressed by Man City’s new £25m signing Carlos Tevez

'Does your burger know you’re here?'
Palace (again) mock Bristol City keeper Dean Gerken with relish
'You’re getting sacked in the morning!'
West Brom during Neil Warnock’s first game in charge of trigger-happy QPR

'We’re not pointless anymore!'
Pompey go wild after beating Wolves and taking their first points of 2009-10 in their eighth game

'Down with pneumonia, we’re going down with pneumonia'
Charlton welcome the winter chill

'Strawberry blond? You’re having a laugh!'
QPR to their ginger ex-player Ben Watson

'Football’s coming home!'
Bayern Munich fans rub it in at Old Trafford after Champions League victory

'Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry!'
Arsenal to Man City’s Republic of Ireland keeper Shay Given

'How do you watch this every week?'
Wolves fans to Stoke’s travelling supporters, after successive Rory Delap throw-ins


'You’ve only come to see Eboue'
Arsenal heap more misery on Liverpool’s travelling support

'Are you watching, Liverpool?'
Nottingham Forest after their side beat Reading, Liverpool’s recent FA Cup conquerors

'Thursday nights, on Channel Five!'
United taunt Liverpool about their fruitless Europa League jaunt


'Ten German shepherds walking down the street, Ten German shepherds walking down the street, And if Chung-Yong Lee decides which one to eat, There’ll be nine German shepherds walking down the street...'
Bolton salute their South Korean winger, to the tune of 10 Green Bottles

'He’s five foot four, he’s five foot four, we’ve got Arshavin, so f**k Adebayor'
Arsenal to the tune of their old Adebayor song

'Return of the Yak, return of the Yak, return of the Yak, we knew that you’d be fat'
Everton welcome back Yakubu, to Mark Morrison’s Return Of The Mack

'If Ledley’s going clubbing so are we, if Robbie’s going to Dublin so are we, if Ledley’s going clubbing and Robbie’s going to Dublin, if Ledley’s going clubbing so are we!'
Spurs  to the tune of She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain, after their team snuck off to Dublin on holiday

'Tun-cay-cay, Huth-Huth, Abdoulaye…'
Stoke celebrate their summer signings, to the tune of Kajagoogoo’s Too Shy

'We thought his days were numbered, now he plays here every week, we can’t pronounce his surname, so we call
him Nick the Greek…ooh Kyrgiakos'
Liverpool serenade cult hero Sotirios Kyrgiakos, to the tune of Macarena

'Dunne-Dunne, Dunne-Dunne, Dunne Dunne Duuuune, Dunne Dunne Dunne-Dunne, Dunne Dunne Duunne-Duuune-Duuune'
Villa laud defender Richard Dunne, to the Indiana Jones theme tune

'King Kanu, Kanu, he’s older than me and you, he’ll play ’til he’s 62, King Kanu, Kanu'
Pompey celebrate their ageless Nigerian striker


FIZZY LEAGUE FUNNIES* *(that's the Coca-Cola League to you)

'Stand up if you paid too much'
Stockport complain about the £26 ticket price at Elland Road

'There’s only two David Martins!'
Derby celebrate having two identically-named players on the pitch

'You’re Welsh, and you know you are!'
Colchester question the nationality of their guests from Swindon

'You should have gone Christmas shopping!'
Festive fun from Rochdale to Lincoln as the top-of-the-table side go 3-1 up

'You should have stuck to donkey-riding'
Barnsley make the away day trip to Blackpool

'What’s that coming over the hill? Is it the taxman? Is it the taxman?'
Swansea to in-debt rivals Cardiff, to the tune of The Automatic’s Monster


'Care free, wherever you may be, but don’t leave your wife with John Terry...'
Burnley welcome the ex-England skipper, to the tune of Lord
Of The Dance

'You should have shagged Cheryl Cole/Ashley Cole/Tiger Woods'
Wolves give a few variations of the same song to John Terry

'Cheryl wants Eboue, Cheryl wants Eboue'
Arsenal play matchmaker

'Has your brother shagged your wife?'
Oxford to Rushden’s Paul Terry, brother of John

'Same old Terry, always cheating'
Burnley after John Terry commits a foul

'Are you my dad? Are you my daaaad? Oh John Terry, are you my dad?'
Stoke question their own parentage, to the tune of Sloop John B

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