Top 10 Most Valuable Clubs

It’s official – mega-bucks Manchester United are the most valuable football club in the world.

Despite half of Old Trafford draping themselves in Norwich City colours and moaning about The Glazers every Saturday, a poll out today confirmed that the reds are still the most valuable club in the world - worth a staggering £1.2 billion.

The news is sure to grate with rivals Manchester City who come a mere 19th in the global rakings. Despite a surge in scarf sales thanks to suave Italian Mancini, the Blues still carry a significantly smaller price tag than their neighbours.

There's no change at the top of the league from last year as Real Madrid and Arsenal tail the Reds in second and third place respectively, while Abramovich’s super-club Chelsea look like paupers in ninth.

Other English clubs to make the top twenty are Liverpool (6th), Spurs (12th) and Newcastle (20th).


1.    Man United – £1.2bn (46% debt)
2.    Real Madrid – £858.2m (54% debt)
3.    Arsenal – £766.1m (41% debt)
4.    Barcelona – £648.7m (no debt)
5.    Bayern Munich – £642.2m (14% debt)
6.    Liverpool – £533.3m (47% debt)
7.    AC Milan – £519.9m (no debt)
8.    Juventus – £425.6m (3% debt)
9.    Chelsea – £419.1m (8% debt)
10.   Inter Milan – £268m (no debt)

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