The Future of Football?

 New hi-tech seats, replays of the action on your own personal screen and rain dispersing rockets. ZOO steps into the stadium of the future...



Seats will soon become all-inclusive entertainment centres. By 2020, fans will be able to order food, drink and team merchandise via a funky-looking control panel (above). Best of all, there’ll be individual monitors at each seat that show replays – although refereeing mistakes still won’t be screened, so as not to incite the crowd. Spoilsports!



Standing will eventually need to be encouraged to help create a better atmosphere. There are some devices that could actually force fans to their feet. “Perching posts” – pillars to lean against – are a possibility, as are seats that vibrate to get you off your arse.



There’s nothing more depressing than watching your team get thrashed in the rain. Luckily, that could soon be a thing of the past. A process called “cloud-seeding” – where rockets filled with silver iodide are fired into clouds to produce rain – means stadiums will soon be kitted out with projectiles to make sure all the rain in the local area is done with long before kick-off time.



As more clubs move to out-of-town stadia, an increasing number of them will start building entire villages – complete with retail and residential areas – just like Pompey’s planned new seafront home. So you could own a property that means you are literally always at the ground. The missus will love that.



Do you – like us – get annoyed by the idiots who insist on leaving a game early, even when it’s 1-1 and tense? One development will help ease the irritation. Computer-generated characters will be “beamed in” to the empty seats to give the impression that the ground is constantly full.



Most bizarrely, clubs will soon be pumping special smells around their stadia to excite the crowds. “Perfumer” Roja Dove says, “Spicy fragrances such as nutmeg and black pepper can create a need to be active or move.” Bit different to the current whiff of piss, pies and lager…


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