Mitchell And Webb Tell ZOO About New Peep Show, Cum Faces and Groupies!

Mitchell and Webb

Hi, chaps! What can you tell us about the new series? 
Robert Webb: Jeremy is slowly and grudgingly moving out of the flat. But I don’t think it’s revealing too much to say he doesn’t completely move out. While he’s still there, he falls in love with Dobby, obviously. 
David Mitchell: Dobby’s stance on domestic life is closer to Jeremy’s than Mark’s. She wants to watch DVDs and so does Jeremy. She also likes drugs. We’re obviously a very pro drugs show and long may that continue! Well, maybe not.

Is Mark getting better at being a parent this series? 
DM: Well, the baby scenes are difficult because, thanks to the Victorians, there are all sorts of rules about the length of time a baby can work. And yet we’re surprised we’re in a recession! So there aren’t many baby-based capers.

Are there any plots you wish you hadn’t done? 
DM: You wouldn’t wish most of the things that happen on anyone. But ejaculating in the stationary cupboard was an incredibly embarrassing thing to shoot – the moment you do a face like you’re coming in your pants. But it was funny  for the show.
Robert Webb eating dogRW: I’ve loved it all – the more extreme the better! Dog-eating was a highlight.

On Peep Show, you have to lean into the camera for a kiss! Have you had any injuries? 
DM: No, I’ve never been hurt when going to kiss the camera – or f**king the camera, for that matter!

Mark and Jeremy have had some terrible jobs. But What’s been your worst? 
RW: I actually drove a 7½ tonne truck for an events lighting company. I kept getting lost in it and it kept breaking down. So when it wasn’t broken down, it was lost. That was stressful. 
DM: I spent a weekend at a computer trade fair trying to persuade people to sign up to a website which provided you with news on the IT industry. But I was pretty glad of the money at the time!

Do you get sent weird stuff by fans? 
DM: Occasionally. Although anything that looks like it may be sh*t or blood isn’t forwarded on to us. Some people send nice letters and some people send weird letters. We get a mix. 
RW: Some people just send dots. We do get those!

We bet Peep Show fans are quite intense… 
RW: They can be. You have to worry when people say, “I’m just like Jeremy.” So they’re essentially admitting to being deluded, selfish and weird. I like to think they know it’s pretend. Are there Peep Show groupies? And do they dress up as you? 
RW: People dress up as Mark? 
DM: Yeah, if you go down to the City of London on a Monday morning, there’s a massive Mark convention, with all these people turning up in suits, looking like Mark. You’ll just hear workers saying, “Oh, I see you’ve come as Mark.” 
RW: If there are conventions, I’ve never been invited, which is a bit of a snub. I’m hoping to hit the convention circuit soon.

Why do you think Mark and Jeremy are still sharing a flat? 
RW: I’m aware that 10 years on, it’s a different proposition for them to be sharing a flat. Fortunately, the grim economic environment has been a boom for this show, as it gives them an excuse not to move on. So I hope the country understands it’s making a sacrifice for the better.

Have you and Robert ever lived together? 
DM: Not as such! There was a time when I was sharing a flat with two women, one of whom was his then-girlfriend, and he was there constantly. We shared in the worst possible way; he had all the annoyance of being an ever-present guest, but had no responsibility for anything.

Who is the most like their character? 
RW: We’re both keen to put plenty of distance between our actual characters and us. 
DM: I think I’m more like Mark – to say otherwise would mean Rob is a delusional moron. 
RW: I definitely don’t feel like Jeremy.

David, you’ve lost the beard… 
DM: Having had the beard for some time before we started filming, I thought if I suddenly got rid of it for Mark, it’d look like I’m acting better. It was the perfect opportunity to be a transformative actor.

Finally, do you ever tire of working with each other? 
RW: This is the first thing we’ve done together in ages, so our relationship now is almost entirely cloudless. However, one year, we did a series of the sketch show, made Magicians, did the Apple ads (left), did a series of Peep Show and then went on tour for three months. At that point, we could barely stand the sight of each other. I think David would agree. 
DM: No, I loved it, actually.

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