iTunes Festival 2012: The Killers Cause A Hot Fuss At Their Roundhouse Show!

One of the biggest headliners of the entire iTunes Festival stepped upto the stage at Camden's Roundhouse and brought on a hit-packed, pitch perfect show... with an odd encore.

The epic iTunes countdown video kickied off an even more dramatic build-up for The Killer's latest single, Runaways. The crowd exploded in a sea of cheers as frontman Brand Flowers took the stage.

No time for messing (and messing) around, they then launched into the crowd pleasing Somebody Told Me and Smile Like You Mean It. The crowd were also enthralled with the opening chants of their track Spaceman.

It must have been forty minutes into the gig before Flowers finally spoke to the crowd, simply asking how they were doing, which triggered yet another wave of ecstatic screams.

Sadly the screens surrounding the stage were faulty, but when they were working they flashed up spiralling star-filled skies and barren deserts - similar to the music video for their track Human.

Further highlights were Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, the ridiculous chorus of Human, which has the crowd chanting in unison. However, it wasn't until the tail end of the gig that the crowd really began to buzz.

An amazing trio of tracks closed the show: the undisputed indie classic Mr. Brightside lit up the crowd, the lyric "I got soul, but I'm not a solider" echoed throughout All These Things That I've Done, and finally When You Were Young launched the crowd into the air with its huge sound.

The gig's climax saw steam cannons shoot thousands of lighting bolts and letter Ks (it stands for Killers, duh) into the crowd before the band's exit.

After a thunder of stomping feet from the stands and cries for more from the crowd, the band finally returned with the unusual encore of A Dustyland Fairytale from their third album Day & Age.

The track by no means ruined the atmosphere, but it paled in comparison to the electric reception the final three songs had garnered. Overall, The Killers sounded great and managed to delight in the brief intimate show.

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