iTunes Festival 2012: Deadmau5 Lights Up The Roundhouse With His Show!

The man behind the mouse - Joel Zimmerman - brought some much needed diversity to the iTunes Festival 2012, which has seen early cameos from Labrinth and pop push-ups by the likes of Olly Murs and Usher.

Deadmau5 took to the DJ podium minus his trademark headgear, although at least two dedicated revellers had brought their own (by the way, where are they buying these things from!?). The rest of the crowd strapped on glowstick mouse ears, washing the Roundhouse with more neon than an 18-30s advert.

The Roundhouse looked and sounded as brilliant and pitch-perfect as always, with a 360-degree video screen rippling the kaleidoscopic video show which surrounded Deadmau5. 

He opened the show with Sometimes Things Get, Whatever and Limit Break. Then support act Foreign Beggars joined the stage - and cheekily donned the legendary mask - and helped Deadmau5 drop Some Chords.

Screams erupted from the crowd as Joel finally placed on his iconic headgear, although he had some technical difficulties as the illuminated eyes on the Deadmau5 mask went, erm, dead. 

Further highlights included Moar Ghosts n' Stuff and Ghosts n' Stuff being played back to back, then followed up with the club banger Maths and addictive electronic masterpiece, Closer.

About now, one fan rose up from the crowd on his mate's shoulders dressed as Scooby Doo to an eruption of cheers, which injected the gig with the eclectic festival atmosphere from its namesake.

The video screens flanking the DJ booth looped some slick and sometimes hilarous videos, as a 'Mario Mau5' ran through a 2D game world, a creepy octopus burst from a dark cave and a snake with a Deadmau5 head swallowed the screen and streamed across the back wall of the Roundhouse.

The set culminated with the Tommy Trash remix of The Vledt, Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name Of and finally, the beautiful melodic throbs of the classic track Strobe.

Despite a general lack of chart topping hits, Deadmau5 played to a delighted Roundhouse crowd. He's set the bar for David Guetta and hopefully eased the wounds of those blighted by his cancelled Creamfields set.

There's still a chance to enter and win tickets to twelve dates of the iTunes Festival 2012, including Muse, Hot Chip and Biffy Clyro! Head to this way to enter.

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