The Inbetweeners USA: Full Trailer Revealed And Our Huge Show Preview!

Ever since the US remake of The Inbetweeners was announced back in September 2010, we've felt a little uneasy.

And it's not a feeling that comes and goes. We've consistenly felt on edge a little, even when we've been munching on our morning Golden Nuggets (not a euphemism). What will they do to it? What will the characters look like? Will the storylines be the same? Will it even be funny?

Well, with the release of the first full trailer of the series, we feel like we can come off that ledge a little.

Overseen by showrunner Brad Copeland - a comedy writer known for his work on hit shows like Arrested Development and My Name Is Earl - the MTV-backed remake looks like its largely staying true to the show's British roots.

Which means a s**tty yellow car being made into a two-door crapback at a theme park, as well as getting caught taking a dump in the school toilets and spray painting "I love Carly D'Amato" on a driveway. Check out our slideshow at the bottom of this article, which includes a first look at Will's American mum!

The Inbetweeners USA remake for MTV! First full trailer!

All the characters are keeping their original names - including Will, Simon, Jay, Neil and Mr Gilbert - but it seems only half of the semi-popular gang sort of look the same. For some reason, Jay is now a chubby mini-Jonah Hill and Neil looks more like Neil from The Young Ones.

Clearly certain of the show's success, an Inbetweeners USA Movie has already been announced too - which will be helmed by the original show's creators and writers, Damon Beesley and Iain Morris. And you can probably bet your rent money on there being a dance sequence like in the Brit version.

The Inbetweeners USA will have a twelve-episode first season, with future series being dependent on the show's success. And knowing how Americans do TV shows, there could be dozens of episodes before you know it - just look at the The Office USA, which has racked up 176 episodes so far compared to the 14 in Ricky Gervais' original.

We can't help but think "Argh - you're just trying to copy! YOU'RE NOT THE REAL INBETWEENERS!" - but if this was something totally new, we'd be sticking it on our Sky+ for sure. And remember that remakes such as this usually need time to breathe - once you get past the similar episodes, series like The Office USA have shown that they can become brilliant in their own right.

But what do you make of The Inbetweeners USA? Leave a Facebook comment below and vent your anger or praise it in equal measure. Y'know, whatever you feel like.

The Inbetweeners USA premieres on MTV in August 2012!

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The Inbetweeners USA - New Pictures Of Will's MILF Mum!

The Inbetweeners USA - Will's Mum

Or should that be "mom"? Either way, another bonafide MILF is making its way on to our screens very soon.

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