It's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming... stripping is coming home! Yes that's right, after a little break World Strip and more awesome than ever!
All we know about Slovakia was learned from the Hostel movies, this doesn't bode well. But the women are super-duper sexy. Welcome to World Strip.
The holiday season is over, but ZOO is still country hopping like a snooty 'gap year' student. Except we're getting ladies naked, instead of building schools.
Sun, sangria and... well, boobs of course! Take a trip to Spain - 'World Strip style' - then vote for the next destination in ZOO's ultimate naked world tour.
This week the World Strip tour bus is gyrating its way to the Czech Republic, land of first-class sausages, gigantic glasses of beer, and this lovely lady...
Bonjour! ZOO's World Strip tour is stopping off over the pond in France this week, so baugette going and join us before we jet off somewhere else...
ZOO's topless tour is stopping off in Latvia this week, and very nice it is too. But do we head south to France, or west to Wales? As ever, you vote, we go...
World Strip heads to the beautiful land of Italy this week. We know you'll enjoy the views. But where next on our topless travels? Vote now to decide!
Canada wins! Cheer up though Czech Republic - your girl did you proud with 49% of the vote. But where next on ZOO's topless cultural tour? You decide!
ZOO's trouser-troubling topless tour is back! This week, World Strip braves the cold of Scotland - but where will we land next? It's up to you!
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