Our jam-packed gallery full of girls willing to show off their knickers to everyone, and for that we applaud them.
Every single Knicker Drawer ever!
Thong loving Chesterfield model Chloe Gray doesn’t have a lucky pair of pants; apparently her whole collection’s lucky. Lucky for us she wants to model her favourites!
Chloe Gray
Singer Nikki Smith hits all the right notes when she's got on her sexy pants.
Nikki Smith
ZOO sneaks a peak in 23-year-old model Lara Copcutt's knicker drawer.
Lara Copcutt
20-year-old hairstylist Sarah Lampitt often forgets to put on underwear when she's in a rush, so our photo shoot was more to help her get reacquainted with her knickers.
Sarah Lampitt
Singer Amy Watson considers lingerie her saving grace and surmises the best way to pull is to lie quietly on her bed in her sexiest underwear - after inviting ZOO round to take pictures, that is
Amy Watson
Buxom beauty Jenna Seymour believes her curves are enough to drive any man round the bend - see for yourself.
Jenna Seymour
Skimpy knickers advocate Kailly Wood shows off her collection or as she calls it "tools to seduce men".
Kailly Wood
Self confessed nympho Susan Johnston blames her sexy lingerie for her addiction.
Susan Johnston
Curvy Mel Bailey shows off her sexy underwear.
Mel Bailey
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