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ZOO meets Amber, and discovers that when the blokes are too shy to chat her up, this collage cutie will quite happilly go after her girlfriends instead!
Student Strip: Hugh Christie College
Computer geek Laura decides she's had enough of her studies and decides to take her clothes off for our cameras!
Student Strip: Cardiff University
Saucy Bournemouth University student Tina Jones leaves her books - and clothes - behind to pose for ZOO's cameras...
Student Strip: Bournemouth Uni
ZOO unearths another campus cutie and persuades her to get nearly naked! This week red-hot Russian Kseniya shows her iron curtain...
Kseniya Volkova
Naughty classics student Natasha Louissa needed hardly any persuading to strip for the ZOO cameras, in fact she loves being de-clothed!
Student Strip: Royal Holloway
She's 24, blonde and studies acting, but London lovely Lucy Misch loves nothing more than removing her underwear in public!
Lucy's Student Strip!
Sexy Sports Studies student Keeley Ann Edgeley gives us a lesson in physical education as she disrobes for the Student Strip cameras.
Keeley Ann Edgeley
Kerry McAllister rids herself of her student clobber - all for ZOO! Check out her stripping pictures and video now!
Student Strip: Kerry McAllister
Politics student Emma Watts get shot of her garments just for ZOO - see the 19-year-old's pictures and video!
Emma Watts stripping
Delicious Katie-Lou Cheesman sheds her threads for ZOO's Student Strip! cameras. See her picture slideshow!
Katie-Lou Cheesman in Student Strip
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