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Buff nail technician Hannah takes a break from applying the nail varnish to find out if clothes really do vanish under ZOO's Sex-Ray Specs...
Sex-Ray Specs: Hannah
Fasten your seatbelts, but unfasten your belts - as everyone's favourite mile-high scenario comes true, thanks to ZOO's nude air hostess!
See Bonnie's Clothes Vanish!
Delightful Dana from Manchester tends greenery for a living, and thanks to ZOO's amazing Sex-Rays Specs you can see her bod in full bloom!
Sex-Ray Specs: Dana
Sexy music teacher Roxanne helps us with our high notes as she under goes the clothes-disappearing magic of our Sex-Ray Specs!
Fit blonde girl
Sexy Swedish pool girl Tindra loses her uniform under the all-seeing eye of ZOO's Sex-Ray Specs. See her pics now!
Tindra Strips
Twenty-year-old Gabrielle feels the power of ZOO's magical Sex-Ray Specs - see the librarian's spectacular pics now!
Sex-Ray Specs: Gabrielle
Twenty-year-old croupier Laurel shows off the talent that draws men to her table in ZOO's Sex-Ray Specs! Take a look at her ace pictures...
Sex-Ray Specs: Laurel
Sports bar waitress Ashley lets you know the best way to impress her - all whilst you see her clothes disappear with the click of a mouse!
Sex-Ray Specs: Ashley
Foxy florist Annabella goes from nature lover to naturist in one Sex-Ray Specs-fell swoop...
Sex-Ray: Annabella
See lifeguard lovely Tamzin's clothes disappear with the click of a mouse as she feels the full force of ZOO's Sex-Ray Specs!
Sex-Ray Specs: Tamzin
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