Swotting up starts hotting up as we cast our Sex-Ray Specs gaze over student Morgan. She reveals the naughty stuff she gets up to in the classroom!
Sex-Ray Specs - Student
Caterer Amy once got caught getting saucy in a club, in the dark. Lights on or off, our magic Sex-Ray Specs will give you all you ZOO fans a proper look.
Sex-Ray Specs - Amy
Having to go through a work out is so much better when your gym instructor looks like London girl, Lucy and you're wearing ZOO's Sex-Ray Specs!
sex-ray lucy
You'd be getting shorn all the time if your locks-trimmer was Manc honey Emma Watts. Especially if you could see her topless using our Sex-Ray Specs!
Sex-Ray Specs: Emma
You imagine a Pilates class might not be all that exciting. Unless you were wearing ZOO's Sex-Ray Specs so you could see the instructor topless!
Sex-Ray Specs: Charlene
Perky Pippa demonstrates how to use fireworks safely this bonfire night. They could burn your clothes off if you're not careful - lucky we've got our Sex-Ray Specs!
Sex-Ray Specs: Pippa
Halloween Special! We're the nicest of hosts when sexy Danielle turns up on our door trick-or-treating and join in the fun by sticking our all-seeing glasses on!
Sex-Ray Specs: Danielle
Make-up artist Toni takes time away from work, and blushes in front of our magic spectacles that can see right through all her clothes!
Sex-Ray Specs: Toni
Painter & decorator Anastasia claims to have a lingerie fetish... We use our magic glasses to take a peek under her dirty overalls...
Sex-Ray Specs: Anastasia
We wiped the steam from the lenses of our magic spectacles to reveal sexy Spa Therapist Vicky and her new 32F beauties!
Sex-Ray Specs: Vicky
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