VIDEO: Stunning French weather girl presents report NAKED! Je t'aime...

We're not sure what we appreciate most about French weather girl supreme Doria Tillier.

The fact she is a woman of strong morals who keeps to her word, or the fact she's smoking hot, decided to get naked in the middle of a field, and subsequently allow it to be broadcast across National (and subsequently, Worldwide) television.

Okay that's a silly question. The latter, obvs...

Miss Tillier found herself in this predicament after promising to strip off to present her daily weather report if France overturned their 2-0 first leg defeat to Ukraine ane qualify for the World Cup.

Cue a 3-0 Les Bleus' win, and a the French fittie revealing her warm front.

We think the French national team were spurred on by the thought of seeing the babe au naturel.

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