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ZOO tempts best friends Kirsty and Morgan to become breast friends - and dish the dirt on each others sex life and turn-ons during this awesome shoot.
Guy Ritchie's missus is one of the fittest models in the business. Here's some behind-the-scenes footage from her recent Lynx shoot. Mmm... smells nice...
We know it's sandy, we know it's full of rock, but is Blackpool sexy? We head down to the famous seaside town to join the fittest locals on a topless day out.
Sexy Jemma Reseigh is studying Physical Education. But while her 32C curves get a clear A*, will she have to brains to pass our ZOOuniversity Challenge?
In ZOO's bed this week is 34D stunner Natalie Deveraeux answering your questions on everything from talking dirty, to knowing if she's done the dirty...
This week, we're off to one of Britain's premier seaside towns - Brighton! But forget the burnt-down pier and stoney beaches - we're looking for the babes!
Statistically, your slim chances of pulling a gorgeous celeb is improved by them being freshly dumped. But which of these sexy bachelorettes is your fav?
ZOO, this is Kim. She's blonde, beautiful and happy to field your questions from her laptop. So grow a pair and get writing - before she leaves again!
It's time to answer man's most fundamental question - who is the hottest girl in the world? Fans of Fox, champions of Cole - unite as one and vote today!
Jess Impiazzi has decided to give her best friend Scott a shock he'll never forget - by stripping off for ZOO! He's a lucky man - and now so are you...
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