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ZOO has lined up yet another gorgeous babe to answer your burning question about life, love or sex - so what on earth are you waiting for? Get involved!
Sex Questions Amber
We hop into bed with the delightful Prudence to talk about dressing up in sexy lingerie and to get answers to your sex questions!
In Bed With: Prudence
Play ZOO's ingenious guess-the-boobs game with the lovely Gracie. The only prize for winning is pride - and getting to look at yet another gorgeous rack!
Crack The Rack: Gracie
It's a national institution. It's one of the most widely anticipated events of the year. It's a great excuse to look at extremely hot girls. It's FHM's 100 Sexiest!
FHM 100 Sexiest
Girls! Send us pics of you flashing in public and win cash! It’s that simple. The hottest and most creative gets £100! TEXT: 67776 EMAIL:
Camera Flash: Bum Run!
Looking for a hot date? Good job we're here then, isn't it! Introducing the lovely Christina from Devon who is 20-years-old and looking for romance!
Hot Dates
Because it's not enough when a girl is just fit OR rich... here's the top eight (fit) millionaires aged under 30 - just in case you ever get your chance!
Fit List
Lynx have asked sexy TV star Jessica Jane Clement to help promote their new shower stuff - watch what happened in this behind the scenes vid!
Sexy Spot The Difference
Problems in the bedroom? Can't find a girlfriend? Got something you've always wanted to ask a gorgeous girl but never had the balls? Help is at hand!
Ask Charlotte!
Our build up to FHM's 2010 Holiday Honeys competition continues with a stroll down babe memory lane... here's the Highstreet Honeys of 2005!
Highstreet Honey 2005
ZOODENTS - Student Dating the way it should be, from ZOO Magazine ZOO model warning - only trust in ZOO

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