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Hometown: Colchester
Date of Birth:
January 1, 1984
Bra size: 30GG
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Getting on the cover of ZOO Magazine is no mean feat, so getting on the cover of 10 issues should be an almost impossible task. Not for Colchester's Sammy Braddy, though, who has returned, after almost a year in exile, to grace the pages of Britain's finest men's weekly once again. And guess what? She's brought her, quite frankly, enormous 30GG boobs with her.

The Essex-born lovely, known for being the winner of ZOO's Hot 101 competition in 2010, her amazing photoshoots with the equally-booby Alice Goodwin and, oh yeah, her huge, natural 30GGs. Did we mention them already? Oh well.

Boobs are great. Boobs that belong to Sammy Braddy are better than great. 'Beyond belief' would be the only words we could use to describe them.

Luckily for us, Sammy doesn't mind getting said boobs out now and again for a ZOO photo shoot or two, and guess what? We've only gone and put together a collection of the best of her galleries which she's shot for us over the years.


What do you enjoy most about shooting for ZOO? Working with all the lovely girls, they’re all so great and, of course, gorgeous!
What have been highlights of your career? When I won ZOO's Hot 101, last year - that was fab! I really wasnt expecting to come first! Also, I felt like I had a real life experience when I visited the troops in Iraq. It was possibly the hardest week of my life...but worth it!
Which model(s) do you most enjoying shooting with? There are a few gorgeous girls that I loved shooting with. I had some great times with Sophie Howard, Alice Goodwin and Emma Glover, to name a couple!
Finally, What do you enjoy most about glamour modelling? Travelling to lots of amazing places and meeting great people along the way. It’ a great way to top up my tan regularly!

Her boobs: '
Big. Round. Pert. The. Best!'
Being approached: 'You won’t believe this, but no one ever comes up to me when I’m out! I usually get whispers behind my back, but no one actually says anything, not even hello.'
Life before modelling: 'Before that, not one boyfriend ever complimented me on them - or even acknowledged my boobs!
Buying underwear:
'I always have to keep my collection stocked up – although I can’t shop anywhere too posh because my boobs don’t fit into their stuff!'
'I always wear a bra to bed - although I do let them out for special occasions.'

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