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Hometown: Surrey
Bra size:

Ah, Sammie Pennington. Or should that be Felicity Funbags? When ZOO first discovered the brunette babe a few years ago, she told us that if she ever became a porn star, that would be her name. We knew back then she was going to be a keeper.

Since first showing a grateful world her perfect 32Es, Sammie went on to be a ZOO regular, with her stunning looks and brilliant potty-mouth also landing her plenty of (rude) TV work. Not that she forgot to pop back now and then for another trouser-troubling magazine shoot!

Over the years, Sammie has pulled off some memorable stunts in the name of nudity - going without any clothes for 24-hours, fulfilling every red-blooded Englishman's fantasy by posing in an England shirt and ever performing a sky-dive! Enjoy taking a look through Sammie's picture galleries and videos.

How many glamour models can you find on video with their funbags out? A lot. How many can you find sky diving out of an plane? Not so many.

Which is why Sammie Pennington videos are a little bit special. One of ZOO's sexiest ever cover stars not only gets her parachutes out on tape, she also flies through the air with one dangling above her head. Now that is impresssive.

We've got a bunch of pictures, stretching back to the very beginning of the 32E stunner's career.

Check out Sammie looking hot in an England shirt, rocking bikinis at a beach party and stripping at sunset by the ocean. When it comes to jaw-dropping shoots, Sammie's been at it for years and has it down to an art!

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Naked for 24 Hours!

Naked for 24 Hours!

We decided to set one of our sexiest ZOO girls a unique challenge: could 32E Sammie Pennington go an entire day without her clothes? In this nipple-hardening cold weather? And how would people react?

There was only one way to find out. Dismissing concerns we’d have to find bail money if Sammie was charged with indecent exposure, we confiscated her wardrobe to see just what would happen…

8:46AM: Cab into work
“I was feeling a bit nervous about being completely naked, so decided against the bus. But my cab driver seemed to be using his rear view mirror an awful lot during the journey…”

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