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Hometown: Kent
Bra size: 30F
ZOO Covers: 11 (as of issue 500)
Twitter: @MelissaD89

There’s no denying the fact that Melissa Debling is a bonafide ZOO Magazine legend – the sheer number of videos, pictures, and topless galleries in this archive just goes to prove it.

Back in 2010, we hosted a Babe Election - searching the country high and low for your new cover girl star. Over those two weeks – amidst political madness that gripped a nation – we asked you to vote on something altogether different. Girls. 

Melissa D was crowned queen in the ZOO Babe Election, with an overwhelming number of your votes, and instantly became your new cover star. Following her success, the blonde bombshell from Kent signed for ZOO and instantly became one of your all-time favourites.

She’s covered pretty much every base that there is for ZOO: a nude and soapy bathtime, a game of topless tennis (where we definitely fell in LOVE with her), a sexy sleepover, a naked special to celebrate our 400th issue and a topless Diamond Boobilee party to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. And that’s just a few of her many incredible shoots.

After a break away – and many holidays – she returned in late 2011 in the appropriately-titled Big Boob Special, and we’re hoping she never goes away again…

You definitely want to check out each and every one of Melissa Debling’s incredible ZOO videos. There’s loads to get through – including a soapy (and naked) bathtime and her being unwrapped for Christmas... twice! Oh, and an interactive strip too. Trust us, that's something you do not want to miss.

Melissa can do comedy (cookery show style), action (on the tennis court) and of course, she can do sexy. Boy, can she do sexy…

Melissa Debling is as beautiful as she is trouser-troublingly sexy – as our collection of quality pictures amply demonstrate. The girl from Kent is a total natural in front of the camera.

There’s every single photo we’ve ever taken of Melissa in this archive – from a naked bathtime, to topless tennis to her strip on Santa’s sleigh – so get stuck in to our exclusive images!

Oh, and the surname? "It’s Debling," says Melissa, whose own constituency is Ramsgate in Kent. "Melissa D sounds cooler. It’s nothing to do with my boobs – they’re an F!"


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melissa debling

Melissa Debling's incredibly rude new shoot: topless pictures and video!

So, what kind of girlfriend are you then, Melissa?

I'm way more chilled out compared to Miley! I still have my crazy moments, of course. But to be honest I much prefer just chilling out and hanging around with the lads. I find that often naturally leads to ruder things anyway...

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