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Hometown: Brentwood
Bra size: 32G (was 32DD)
ZOO Covers: 18
Twitter: @JodieMarsh
Facebook: Jodie Marsh Fan Page

Jodie Marsh: the boobs, the tattoos, the bodybuilding. Just where do you begin with such a glamour legend? Maybe from the very start would be best...

The Essex babe first drew everyone's attention back in 2002, when she starred on the reality TV programme Essex Wives (think TOWIE, but less fly on the wall). Since then, she's gone on to star on a whopping 11 ZOO covers, and put all your bedroom worries to rest when she became our resident agony aunt in the mag a few years ago.

The big-boobed Brentwood babe (we hope you're a fan of alliteration) has gone on to garner a ridiculous amount of media attention during her time in the spotlight. She's appeared on a list of TV shows that's longer than Stretch Armstrong's money makers, but famously hit the headlines in 2008 after she bumped up her chest to 32G - all bought and paid for by yours truly!

She became the talk of the country once again in 2011, after she appeared in a bodybuilding contest looking more like a gladiator than a glamour girl. But the tattoo-covered temptress returned to our pages soon after, in her naughtiest ever shoot - and looked better than ever! Throughout all her ups and downs, though, there's been one constant in her life: she's always been a ZOO legend.

She first appeared in the 12th issue of ZOO back in 2004, and you're still begging us for more of her every day. So, we thought this bumper Jodie collection - featuring all her pics and videos in one handy gallery - may just appease you somewhat. Don't say we don't ever do anything for you...


Wow, Jodie, those are big. What size are they?

They're massive, aren't they? I've gone from a 32DD to a 32G and I love them! I made a decision that I wanted to get them done and I've always loved ZOO, so I gave you guys a call to see if you wanted to get involved. If I was going to get a men's mag to pay for my boobs and own them, it had to be ZOO! ZOO owns my boobs!

How many times a night do you need to be satisfied?
At least three times a night. The other weekend, I had it about eight times in one day – it got to the point where I hurt myself! I just want to try and do everything. Straight sex is never enough.

Do you fancy being a porn star?
I’d love to be the next Jenna Jameson. Sexually, I could compete with her easily. It’s definitely something I’ve considered because I know I’d be good at it. If people were to see a film of me having sex, they’d be shocked.

Have you got lots of sex toys?
A houseful of them! I found these new necklaces with mini-vibrators on the end so you can wear them out – that way, you’ve always got your vibrator with you! I wear them out to clubs all the time now.

So how does your new physique work in the bedroom?
Well, you boys like a strong woman, don’t you? I don’t do the frilly dresses and girl-next-?door stuff – that’s just not ?me. I’ve got a sh*tload of tattoos, I ride a Harley Davidson, I’ve had a fivesome and I’m a total f**king lunatic! I want to wear bondage gear, handcuffs, whips and chains.

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As if you even needed any proof that Jodie Marsh has remained one of your steadfast favourites ever since ZOO opened for business, this gallery should be more enough. A veritable feast of Marsh delight, this gallery boasts every single photo we've ever taken of the Brentwood beauty - that's a whopping 111, stat fans. So, get comfy and get clicking...


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