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Hometown: Bristol
Bra size: 34DD
Twitter: @ElleRichieModel
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It’s official: Elle Richie is very, very, very popular girl with you lot. The 34DD blonde won a poll on our Facebook to win a coveted Cover Girl Profile, and here it is. That’s ZOO for you - bringing you the hot girls that you want!

The Bristol-born beauty has made the jump from Real Girl Queen to ZOO magazine favourite, and we think there’s two exceptionally good reasons why. She’s well aware of them too: “I can’t stop playing with my boobs,” she says. “They’re just the right size and a perfect handful!” We couldn’t agree more, Elle.

But it’s not just on our pages where she’s made her name - Elle’s even made an appearance on our TV screens too. She starred as a pregnant chav in Casualty in her younger days, but – thankfully for us all – she soon enough ended up in the pages of Britain’s best magazine!

She’s shown plenty of front during her time in ZOO Magazine (which is probably why you all love her so much), and says her favourite shoot was her sexy summer strip in 2011. We can understand if it was yours too. Now it’s time to check out those pictures and every single other one we’ve taken of the blonde babe…

Thankfully, Elle’s a forward-thinking girl and approves of video technology in the world of sexy girls. That means we’ve got a whole stack of topless Elle Richie goodness in full motion! Check them all out here:


What is your favourite thing about summer?
Beer gardens are the best thing about summer! There is nothing better than a cold pint on a hot day.

You’re a pint drinker?
Oh, hell yeah. Proper ales, though. I used to work in a little country pub, so I would have one myself when I was serving the punters. It’s best with a Scotch egg – drop one into a bag of salt and vinegar crisps and mash it all up… heaven.

What’s your favourite part of Christmas?
Advent calendars, but I’d have a sexy message inside each window. So on 22 December, you have to walk around naked all day and on 23 December, you can only watch naughty movies. Now that would be fun!

Who’s your girl crush?
My big girl crush is Megan Fox. She’s just so hot! She’d definitely be in my dream threesome.

What would be your dream shoot?
It’d be recreating a retro American waitress scene. I don’t know why! Maybe because I just love the era.

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Fancy looking at Elle all day? Us too. Which is why we knocked up a FREE wallpaper from her sexy summer shoot. Just click here to download it!

As with most (well, all) of our ZOO girls, we take photos of them stripping off for you. It makes sense, you see. After all, how rubbish would our shoots be if we just described what they looked like? “Then Elle took her top off and she looked amazing. Then she rolled about in the sand for a bit and looked pretty damn sensational.”

Which, although completely accurate, isn’t as good as seeing the evidence for yourself. So indulge yourself in every single photo of Elle Richie that we’ve ever taken. Go on. It’s good for you…

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Facebook Fittie: Elle Richie!

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