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Hometown: Hagley, Worcestershire
Bra size: 34E
ZOO Covers: 4
Twitter: @CaitlinWynters

Caitlin Wynters is one of the most exciting new covergirls we've had in years, and you don't have to think too hard to realise why.

The Worcestershire beauty first appeared as a real girl in our In Bed With... regular feature back in 2010, and her meteoric rise to ZOO cover favourite has been an incredible (and sexy) journey.

She scooped the top prize in our Search For A New Cover Girl in July 2011, and has since gone on to appear on four incredible covers - including a collector's edition 400th issue cover and leading our 12 Babes Of Christmas Unwrapped double issue.

With over 10,000 followers on her Twitter, her popularity is undeniable. So check out all her pics and videos in this well deserved Cover Girl Profile and prepare to fall in love with Caitlin Wynters!

A thorough investigation (OK, a quick Google) has just told us that John Baird invented the video camera. So well done, John. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Now, when he invented the camera, he probably didn't expect it to be used to get Caitlin Wynters' sexiest topless shoots down on record and onto this website. But we're certain that he'd be delighted with it. Because we - and you - damn are.


Tell us something interesting about yourself, Caitlin...
Well, I don’t want you to think everything is just about my boobs, but I can make them dance.

Watch – I can make them jiggle! I love to see the look on a bloke’s face when I do that. I reckon I could use it as a way of distracting people if I ever wanted to start a life of crime!

How do you feel about guys approaching you in a bar?
It all depends on the line you use. This guy stopped me in the street the other day and said, “Are you from Jamaica?” I was like, “Do I really look Jamaican?” And he said, “Yeah, because you’re Jamaican me crazy!” I thought there was a hidden camera somewhere! He said it was just because I was so pretty, which was nice, but I’m pretty sure he was homeless, so I just moved on...

Would it be fair to say you’ve quickly built an army of ZOO-reading fans?
Well, I get plenty of guys saying nice stuff on Twitter. I’ve been told a few times that I’ve been put up on the Wall Of Fame at work, although I’m not sure what that “fame” is. Most looked at? Most taken into the toilet? I’m big in prison circles too, apparently!

Someone I know asked if I could send their mate in jail some signed copies of ZOO, so he could trade them for cigarettes. Definitely one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard!

In Bed With... Caitlin Wynters!
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Caitlin Wynters: Your New Covergirl!
Caitlin Wynters' Topless Tour!
Caitlin Wynters In The Naked Special!
Caitlin Wynters Unwrapped For Christmas!

Well, this Cover Girl Profile wouldn't be much without every single one of Caitlin Wynters' sexy ZOO pictures, would it? Good thing, then, that you'll find them all below. Just make sure you're sitting down when you go through them, because there's some faint-worthy amazing stuff in there...

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Caitlin Wynters gives you a stunningly-sexy slow-motion Easter treat

Caitlin Wynters gives you a stunningly-sexy slow-motion Easter treat!

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