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Madison Welch started her ZOO career as a real girls blogger - but within a couple of years had graduated to become one of our all-time favourite regular cover stars.

Madison was on hand to give filthy-minded advice during her stint as ZOO's agony aunt, but she's best known for getting out those awesome 32FFs in a series of amazing galleries and videos.

Originally a dancer (sadly not the lap dancing kind), Madison admits she fancies a move onto the big screen one day. ZOO has no doubt that with her considerable assets and natural ability in front of a camera, her big break can't be too far away.

In the mean time, we couldn't be happier to have her!

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Madison Welch Naked

Madison Welch: Ultimate Holiday

We do indeed. So we’re relatively sober and have pulled. How do we make the first night incredible?

I’m not the biggest fan of one-night stands because you need to know someone’s body, sensitive spots and moves before you can give them the best orgasm of their life. But if things are going well and your girl wants to come to your room, make sure you’re the ultimate gent. Just because you may never see her again doesn’t mean you can treat her like a turd. Remember, girls talk about everything. Do you really want everyone in your resort knowing you’re a sleazebag? Thought not.

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