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Madison Welch started her ZOO career as a real girls blogger - but within a couple of years had graduated to become one of our all-time favourite regular cover stars.

Madison was on hand to give filthy-minded advice during her stint as ZOO's agony aunt, but she's best known for getting out those awesome 32FFs in a series of amazing galleries and videos.

Originally a dancer (sadly not the lap dancing kind), Madison admits she fancies a move onto the big screen one day. ZOO has no doubt that with her considerable assets and natural ability in front of a camera, her big break can't be too far away.

In the mean time, we couldn't be happier to have her!

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Madison Welch: Ultimate Holiday

Madison, let’s start from the beginning – approach on the beach or not?

Approach, but don’t hang about. There’s nothing more desperate than a guy who won’t leave, so start up a conversation, casually drop in where you are going later and then go on your merry way. If she likes you, trust me you’ll see her that evening.

So, she’s arrived – do I run over?
Do, and you won’t get any. Women like guys who are fun and popular without being too try-hard, so what you need to do to attract her is be the life and soul of the bar, without making it look like you’re attempting to be the life and soul of the bar. Be the guy everyone wants to talk to and she’ll definitely want to be with you.

Does that mean she’ll come to us?
No. I might kiss a friend or something to get you to notice me, but girls still want guys to make the first move.

Fine, do you want a drink, then?
That would be lovely, but make sure you don’t have too many. No woman wants to be seduced by a dribbling wreck who stinks of Sambuca. You can have a few to help you relax, obviously – just don’t be the one who takes it too far. Girls love men who can dance and laugh at themselves. But we don’t like men who grind up and down against us and wee into pint glasses. Get the picture?

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